Friday, April 7, 2017

All the fingers on her little hand

My baby. Look at her now...
44 inches tall
42 pounds
Sassy as all get out

First hair cut! We went to the lovely Ji Lee at EZSu Hair one. He was amazing and his wife and staff were wonderful. She chose to have it straightened afterwards and she looked so grown up!
I waited so long to cut it because I didn't want to risk loosing her beautiful curls. Four and a half years and her hair was almost reaching her waist when it was wet. She had a blast, charmed the whole staff and was generally the best version of herself. She didn't want to say any of the Korean phrases that she knows, but she was very polite. *Spoiler Alert* Her curls are still as amazing as always. She kept asking to have her straightened, so I bought a flat iron. I haven't been able to use it yet, because she always changes her mind at the last minute. How very Eleanor.

Technically she can count to 15. She can count much higher, but she always forgets 16. Which make me laugh, because she's very focused on "when she's 16" as the pinnacle of freedom. She'll be able to drive and wear make up when she's 16, and that seems to be everything that she wants right now.

She's working on sight words and phonics, but I'd say she's still firmly in the "pre-reading" camp. She can write her name and asks me to spell other things for her to write frequently. She got her kindergarten readiness report from pre school and she's right on track, so that's great.

She did not get the gene to curl her tongue, but she really likes to stick it out anyway. That's not really a skill, just a quirk.

Running, jumping, climbing trees. Flipping every light switch in the house, even the high ones. Unloading the dishwasher. Setting the table. Feeding the dogs. Walking the dogs.

She likes:
Make up, dressing her self and doing her own hair (Also My Little Pony, Jack Skellington and super heroes)

Playing in cardboard boxes


Her cousins

Dress up and make believe (she doesnt' have an imaginary friend. She has a gang. Including Spiderman, Batman, a variety of My Little Ponies)

Her brother (most of the time... some of the time...)

Her daddy (all the time)
Watching movies in the theatre or at home with popcorn

Me (most of the time)
Washing the car
Cooking (especially chopping mushrooms with Uncle Glenn, and making her "compotito" at Amma's house)
Animals! Zoos! Aquariums!

I like:
How much she wants to help with chores and gain responsibilities. Her need for snuggles. Her imagination. How fast she's learning. How friendly she is. Her creativity. Her sweet heart. When she lets me do her hair

She dislikes:
Sharing, not getting her way, not being control of the whole universe and everyone in it. Having her hair done when it's not her idea. 

I dislike:
When she gets sassy and rude, when she's selfish and mean to her brother. Raising a kind and compassionate human is hard. Teaching her stretches me to my limits. 

How fast she's growing up! She's such a little person, with attitude and opinions and ideas. 
Look at this! Just look!!

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