Sunday, December 6, 2015

Two years old

I'm not incapacitated nor have I forgotten how to write.
I just, kinda, got kpopped. A lot this summer.

Anyway, This is my child at 2 years.

The Vitals:
He's tall-- 36" tall (officially one quarter inch taller than his sister at this age) 90th percentile
He's heavy-- 28lb 11oz (heavier than she was too) 60th percentile

This boy is fearless. He loves the pool at Amma & Papa's house, floating around in his little life vest with as little supervision as he can get away with.
He wanted to play with the firecrackers at 4th of July, just like the big kids.

Climbing-- one time, like a week ago, he tried to climb out of his crib. He has a toddler bed now.
Talking--all the sentences, all the words, paragraphs and grammar and questions and everything. He's super polite when he's not being a terror. He says please and thank you in adorable ways that not even Eleanor is willing to do. I spent the afternoon on Thursday with some not-my two-year-olds, some who are almost 3, and was just... surprised. I knew Garrison's language skills were a bit advanced, but I didn't really know what that meant. Anyway, again, this is not due to any superior parenting on my part. He's probably had less attention and focus than Eleanor did. He's just like this and I love it.
He has almost all his teeth at least poking through.
Letters and Numbers. Look, it's ridiculous, and I take zero credit as an awesome parent, but he knows all his letters on sight, can name them, count to 10, identify all the numbers 1 to 12. I don't even know. I swear it's not anything I've done, other than get him the Endless Alphabet & Numbers games on my phone.

He likes:
anything with wheels
animals! Not just our pets, but all the toy animals he has. He's pretty good at identifying them too
pretending to be a monster (rawr)
the monster house (which is what he & Eleanor call the haunted house where J works)
Moni & cheese
His sister
playing Ring Around the Rosy
music (Sing Old McDonald, Mama!-- must be the animal thing again)
Hats! Hoods! Headbands! Ponytails! Sunglasses! (all the things Eleanor hated)
books, especially Little Blue Truck and The Pout Pout Fish (I highly recommend both)

I like:
reading him books
the snuggling
how social he is. He runs up to all his teachers at PDO and calls them by names and runs into their arms for hugs
His crazy fluffy hairs
His fabulous pronunciations of things! He calls his pacifier his "buppa" because when J & I wake him up, we pull it out and say "bup!" He calls it "zooping up" his pajamas. He way he says "big tv" sounds like "victory" and I love that.

He dislikes:
being told no
certain textures--like artificial Christmas trees, apparently
being in his room for "quiet night"

I dislike:
the sudden need to push and tackle his sister
the fact that he can get out of his bed and thus no longer plays quietly when he wakes up. I mourn the loss of my mornings with just Eleanor.
He no longer says "guggle" and I hate it.

First day of Mother's Day Out

wearing a hand-towel like a little man

really getting into the building

Shark fin cake... sorta
shark babies!!

gnome baby

Sass 100%

Tongue curling! It's genetic!

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