Monday, August 4, 2014

8 months

The Vitals:
Big. Many pounds and also inches. Home scale says 21.5 lb. I cannot get him to sit still long enough to measure.

Meeting Flynn Rider, or rather, Zachary Levi
Pool time at Amma & Papa's house
Bath time with sister

Crawling. A lot. He started crawling about 2 days after my last post and has just gotten faster and more determined as the days go by.
Sleeping! Finally! And I'm not going to elaborate, because I know what happens when you talk about baby sleep on the internet. Things aren't perfect yet, but we've seen INCREDIBLE improvement this month. I'm starting to feel human again.
Charming the masses with his crazy fluffy mohawk

Works in Progress:
Pulling up
Standing.  He does this funny downward facing dog/football center (that's the guy who...hikes? the ball to the quarterback, right?) thing and I swear any day now he's going to figure it out and just push all the way up to standing. Then fall on his face.
Teeth? I don't know. There's a lot of chewing and a lot of drooling, but he remains totally toothless for now.

He likes:
All his sister's toys
Chasing the dog & cats. He's not very fast, but the animals don't do much to get out of his way, so it's a fairly even match
Cold wipes. Still. It's so weird, but saves me getting a wipes warmer, so that's cool.
All the food! It took a while to get there, but he's caught on that food is delicious and is trying to steal things off of everyone's plate.
Also eating anything he can get his hands on, including dog hair, pill bugs and carpet fibers.

He dislikes:
Having things taken out of his mouth, like dog hair, pill bugs and carpet fibers

I like:
How easily he smiles & giggles
He chatters much more than I remember Eleanor ever doing
That he's learning to soothe himself
That he follows me from room to room
His crazy grey eyes, that sometimes look like they have brown in them, sometimes hints of green, but mostly just a really pretty grey.
He is fascinated by Eleanor. I love watching him watch her

I dislike:
That he follows me from room to room! I can't just leave him sitting to play with toys anymore.
I have to vacuum & sweep multiple times a day

 All in all, it's been a good month
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