Sunday, December 22, 2013

Two weeks (six days)

I've been wanting  post a 2 week update all week, but... well... Nope. So I'll just run down the basics for posterity & get to the pictures.

The Vitals:
11.8 pounds (Seriously?! This kid!)
22 inches

The Highlights:
I survived a whole day with both kids, by myself. I've even managed to do laundry & dishes since my mom left. Some days I feel like a rock star, keeping both of them alive and not burning the house down.

Eleanor is a great big sister. She's interested in holding him & gives him smooches, but her attention span is short. She's definitely into pushing boundaries and figuring out how to effectively discipline her while trapped beneath a baby is... challenging.

Garrison is wonderful. He does all the things he should: eat, sleep, fill diapers, be adorable. He charms everyone he meets. Aside from being much more spitty-uppy than Eleanor was, it's pretty much just like I remembered. Not much sleep, lots of baby snuggles. My mom stayed with us for two weeks, which was wonderful. So many friends brought us food I haven't had to cook a single meal yet. Which may explain why I have time for laundry. Don't quite know what I'll do when I have to do both. Starvation or nudity?

OK, now peektures.

Rockin' the newborn sleeper. 

Sweater vest
Milk drunk
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