Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6 months

One half year!

With his 'gator
Official stats coming Friday at his well care visit, but I'm estimating he's about 20 lb & at least a MEEEELLION inches long. He's wearing 6-9m clothes, some 12m pants. Who knows about sleepers because the tiny furnace is too hot to sleep in one.

EDIT: He weighed in at 20lb 0.5oz. 27.5 inches long. Roughly 85% all the way

First plane ride, no, wait, SECOND plane ride!
First trip to California. He got to meet his great-grandparents (on my side) and some great aunts, lots of cousins.
He's tried some real food, but the results have been... sketchy. He wants to cram all the things into his face. When he tastes stuff, he shudders and looks at me like I've betrayed him in the worst possible way. Then he shoves more into his face.
First ear infection, and first antibiotic.

Sitting up un-assisted. He loves to sit. He's not so enamored of his Bumbo or Jumperoo anymore, but put him on the floor with toys in reach and he's happy.
We've recently introduced him to the high chair and a Joovy Spoon walker thingy with a tray and he thinks those are the very best things ever. A place to put toys where he can still reach them.
Grabbing things & getting them into his mouth
Singing the song of his people, all 81 verses. I don't remember Eleanor being this vocal, but he chatters almost as much as she does.
Rolling. Not consecutively, but both directions
OOOOOOOOching. I put him down one place and then poof, he's 6 inches closer to the coffee table that I moved him away from.

Works in progress:
Getting into sitting from lying down. Laying down. Lying down? Someone smarter than me figure that one out.
A tooth, maybe?

He likes:
Sitting and standing
Chewing on everything
Being walked around & when we sing to him
Walks with his sister

He dislikes:
Sleeping alone

I like:
When he reaches for my face and smiles. It's a tiny Hallmark moment and I love it.
He is generally a happy, smiling, easy-going baby.
He has a little sprout of hair right at the crown of his head that makes it super easy for him to sport a full-time faux-hawk and it makes me really happy.
He is so well loved. I have many happy helping hands and that keeps me sane and happy too.
He's a pretty great snuggler, and one morning, I woke up with a little footprint on my chest. Pale skin for the win.
Tiny plaid shorts. J calls them his "old man shorts" though they remind me more of a friend from college than little old men. Still. Plaid shorts for the win.

I dislike:
Ear infections
How fast he's growing out of cute outfits

More veggies, more meatballs, and making stuff I've never made before

So, week 1 of Fresh20 was sort of a wash. Not terrible, but not really anything spectacular either. I made stuff (lots of substitutions) and liked most of it, though J didn't really. He ate it, because he's great like that.

Week 2 however, was such a hit! I cooked all sorts of things I've never made before, like kale, quinoa, polenta, meatballs, cannelli beans. Every single recipe I made J liked. Loved. Would eat again. Wanted me to make again. Even the stuff with KALE and QUINOA. Crazy. Super crazy. Good stuff. Full disclosure, I didn't make the vegetarian meal. It was a cold quinoa & kale salad and we wound up going out to dinner with friends and despite having all the ingredients at the ready, I never wound up making it.

Week 3 was a short week because of Memorial Day and some more dinner with friends. So I only made 2 of the recipes, but liked them both a lot.

This week is another meatball week and looks pretty promising. I made salsa for the first time. Hold the phone, I'm becoming a cook or something!
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