Monday, November 3, 2014

Eleven months

So, eleven months is dangerously close to a year, and this baby is still a baby, so can't be almost a year old. Still...

Vitals: Still 23ish pounds and 31 inches

Haunted house going! 
First Halloween! 
First head wound! 

First icky cold (that was still mild & required little help)...I think.

Walking with very little assistance
Climbing things
Standing & clapping, at the same time
Signing food, more, milk, mama, all done
Wookie noises
Blowing kisses

Works in progress:
Walking with no assistance
Giving kisses

He likes:
Colorful food. He eats all the vegetables out of stuff first.
Chasing his sister
Going for a ride

He dislikes:
Nursing. He has completely weaned himself from me. We're supplementing with formula until next month when we'll switch over to milk

I like:
Being with him for Mother's Day Out. I get to see him learn & grow. He gets to socialize. It's working out really well.
Watching my TWO kids play together
Double bath time. It's so much easier when they're on the same schedule

I dislike:
Bottles. I mean, I'm grateful for them and the convenience of knowing that anyone can give him one, but I do miss nursing, for totally selfish reasons. I'm glad he made the choice himself & we didn't have a difficult weaning process, but I wasn't quite ready. I still snuggle him and get good cuddles when giving him a bottle though.
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