Friday, August 2, 2013

Let's go see the stars

So, Ginger is giving us Internet ladies stuff to write about so we don't have to think so hard (Thanks, lady!), and Snoozy entitled her post "Let's go to the movies" which, yeah, obviously, but then I started singing the song, and the next line is "Let's go see the stars" only in this house, since Eleanor was born, it's been changed to "Let's go clean your booty," which makes things different, but while I've enjoyed reading the posts prompted by Ginger, I haven't participated yet, but a list I can totally handle. And it's movies, which I love.

So let's get started, shall we?

(Not in preferential order, but rather order that I thought of them)

Annie. Seriously, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters, Carol Burnett, Albert Finney! I think I watched this movie every day of my life as a small child. I still love it today. I still quote it. I got to play Miss Hannigan in high school, and it's still one of the highlights of my acting time. I'm making Eleanor watch it sometimes too. She likes the music.

The Princess Bride Again, one I watched quite a lot growing up. Maybe the most quotable movie of all time, and still fun to watch after all this time. I had a huge crush on Wesley and wanted all of Buttercup's dresses, even if she did have a stupid name.

Sleeping Beauty Yes, the Disney animated one. I wrote a whole post on why I love this movie, so this shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Still love it as much today as ever.

Memento Ok, this movie is weird and wonderful and someday I will figure out how to watch it in the correct order. My friend Paula introduced me to it, and it just made my brain spin in lots of good ways.

Love Actually The only Christmas movie I like. Bonus, it's got an amazing cast and I don't feel like I can only watch it at Christmas. For the record, Martin Freeman will always be "the naked guy from Love Actually."

Trainspotting This movie made me want to a) never, ever, ever do drugs EVER, and 2) wear a slinky silver dress to a dance club in the hopes of picking up Ewan McGregor. Still, it's the soundtrack that made me keep loving this movie. It's dark, it's gruesome, it gave me nightmares, and I still watch it because of the incredible music.

Velvet Goldmine So, occasionally, I go down some very strange paths watching all the movies a favorite actor has been in. Cillian Murphy has led me down some very scary paths. Ewan McGregor leads me to some gems, and also a lot of naked people. But the music. Again with the music. It should be the David Bowie story, but it's not (but just barely) and the soundtrack is one of my favorites of all time. Amazing.

The Hobbit  The animated version. Also a classic from my childhood. That Gollum (whose name I didn't ever know, just called him "the creepy 'my precious' guy") was the scariest thing in my whole wide world. I love the music. I love the story. I love the animation style. I just love all of it. Poor Bagels has had to watch it a lot since she's come to live with me.

Newsies/The Sandlot These go together (like know what I mean) because they were both my every day, after school (for all of middle school & most of high school), quoted every line, swooned over the boys, tried to learn the dances from Newsies, considered playing baseball before remembering that I'm hopelessly uncoordinated.

10 Things I Hate About You/Clueless These also go together in the "modern remakes of classic literature" and yes. Just yes. The "Taming of the Shrew" love story is one that I will watch/read/listen to/fall for EVERY TIME. EVERY TIME. Like in Emma, I mean Clueless, I love the "I hate you but now I love you" story. Love it. Fall for it every time.

Labyrinth/Dark Crystal  What, lots of movies come in pairs, ok? I can't explain these, but again, from my childhood. Incredibly quotable. Love them to this day. Make my friends watch them if they haven't seen them, because... Jim Henson! Babies in striped pajamas! Gelflings!

This really is just scratching the surface. There are so many good movies that I will watch again & again.
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