Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 months

The vitals:
16.4 lb fully dressed & freshly fed, according to my bathroom scale. We'll see next month what the doctor's scatter says.
25 inches long, as far as I can tell from Mr. Squirmy pants. I try to sneak measurements when he's sleeping.

PJs at TJ's! Which included his first plane rides, first trip to a new state, first pajama party, first blow-out in the back of a rental car, first epic diaper rash & first hotel stay
First crafts! We made some ornaments for Valentine's Day
NTIF! 78 degrees & sunny
First snow the very next day 

Scratching his face no matter how short his nails are
Spitting up on everything except the burp cloth

He likes:
Being naked
All eyes on him
His swing
The Bumbo
Sleeping on Daddy
Long walks through the neighborhood

He dislikes:
Being itchy

I like:
My happy boy
Getting more than 2hrs of sleep. Doesn't happen as often as I would like, but it's very nice
The very beginnings of a routine are starting to emerge
When both babies nap at the same time

I dislike:
The rash of doom. Garrison's got some epic eczema. Apparently so did I as a baby. We're doing all the things. Oatmeal baths, washing with Cetaphil,  hydrocortisone cream, Aveeno eczema lotion. Still rashy. Nothing makes me feel like a bad mom faster than his rashy skin. It's irrational but true.
Overall things are going really well. He's out of 0-3m clothes (with just a few exceptions for things I can't bear to put away just yet) & wearing 3-6m. Of course the weather is being very typically Texan & vacillating 60 degrees in 24 hr, so I can't put long sleeves away yet. He's never met a stranger he didn't like. Just like his sister.
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