Thursday, September 4, 2014

9 months

Nine months! It'll still be a while before Garrison can claim the "been out longer than in" award, but it's quickly approaching.

The Vitals:
Height: 29 inches. Looooooong baby
Weight: 21 lb 3 oz. How is this possible when he does nothing but eat?

Uh... listing our house for sale? Which for Garrison just meant a lot of unscheduled car rides.
First day of Mother's Day Out (which fell on the day he turned 9 months, so I'm gonna go ahead and count it)
Food. Lots of food. All the food. The kid is a bottomless pit at the moment.

Standing (still holding on)
Pulling up
Holding his own bottle or pouch
I'm still putting sleep on here, because it's still new-ish, but the nights where he wakes up more than once are rarer than the nights he doesn't, so I'm gonna take it.

Works in Progress:
Standing alone
TEETH (I think I finally felt the beginnings of one pushing through, but COME ON, it's been forever)

He likes:
Singing (ours and finding his own voice)
Eleanor. He watches her with such fascination
Chasing us from room to room, and little boy is FAST
Bath time
Rolling over as quickly as possible during diaper changes.

He dislikes:
Having anything removed from his mouth, which is sad for him, as he insists on putting EVERYTHING in there--lint, paper, pill bugs, dog hair, the cat's tails, all the toys

I like:
His speed. I can actually walk to another room and ask him to follow me, and he does! Amazing!
His soft fuzzy head. His mohawk may be going away, but he's still soft and downy.
His enthusiasm at seeing people he likes
He's figuring out how to get hand-flappily excited about things, and it's the best
Sleeping for stretches of time that can be measured in multiple hours. That's pretty rad.
We almost have something close to a routine established. There's a definite rhythm and pattern to our days that is somewhat predictable.
SQUNCH FACE! He wrinkles his nose in the most adorable way at pretty much anything. It's fantastic.

I dislike:
The excema on this face that causes him to constantly scratch
The seemingly randomness of his willingness to settle himself to sleep.

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