Friday, December 16, 2016

And then he was Three

I'm a little late, but he's still newly three, so we'll roll with it.
Garrison Kent! Age 3
He's too cute and he knows it

38.5" & 34lb, putting him at the 75th percentile for both. He's getting shorter. No, I mean, he's growing, but not as fast. Last year he was 90th for height & 60th for weight. He's evening out I guess. He's going to take after me. Sorry kid.

A funeral, if you can call that a highlight.
His first trip (and many subsequent trips) to a cemetery.
He came to hang out with us at Scarborough, in costume-ish, and had a blast. We spent a lot of time at my mom's pool this summer, and he loved that.
He also had smores for the first time! It was a mess to be remembered.
He's doing great at PDO and is social and ambitious. He also, you know, is a handful who doesn't listen all that well. Go figure. He did perform in the spring musical program last year and did pretty well, for the kid of the music teacher.
He had a Big Hero 6 birthday party, with Baymax cake and balloons and it was very small and delightful.
I've gotten pretty decent at giving him haircuts and he doesn't look like a total hobo, so that's nice.

Totally mastered open cups, drinking from a Starbuck's cup, and setting the table. He has a surprising vocabulary and sometimes his sentences are just so grown up. Uh, he finally got all his teeth at some point this year. He can wink, which is exactly as cute as you imagine.
His handwriting is... well, he doesn't have any, but he likes to pretend to write and trace when Eleanor is practicing her letters. He knows all the letters and as many numbers as Eleanor. Oh, and we started potty training today. I also took away all  his pacifiers today and will send them to the Tooth Fairy as soon as a toy car can be procured for the exchange. (He hasn't asked for or needed a buppa in over a week, so I think we're good on that score).

He Likes: Chasing and climbing and playing with anything that can be a sword or a rocket ship. He loves to splash in the pool and is pretty good at paddling around in his little floaty vest. He still loves cars and ninja turtles and sharks and monsters. He wants to help me in the kitchen all the time, and was excited to get to help Uncle Glenn cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. He loves all the food, but broccoli has become a recent favorite. He's a bit more adventurous/easy going when it comes to trying new things than his sister. I'm enjoying that while it lasts. He likes when we all play with makeup and gets his toes painted, too. He loves loves loves tromping around in boots, especially to go splash in puddles. He's recently (in the last 4-6 months) started really loving stuffed animals. He loves brushing his teeth now! YAY!

I Like:
He's not quite as fearless as his sister (who is almost painfully fearless, except when she thinks it's cute to be shy), but he is brave and tries new things even when he's nervous. The way he expresses himself is just incredible to me. His little mind works all the time and he's very different from his sister. I just love learning who he is as a tiny person. I love his crazy cowlicks that make his baby fine hair go everywhichway. He's started waking up with serious bedhead, and that's pretty great.

He dislikes:
Being told no, and not getting his own way, like every other person on the planet. He hates diaper rash and having to put on his eczema cream. He doesn't like his hair being brushed or fussed with.

I dislike:
His stubborn streak. How cute he is when he's angry. Night terrors. He's losing his memories of my dad, but we're still telling the stories over and over and showing him all the pictures. Some of it will stick. He will remember that he was loved, and that's important.

Ok, now look at cute pictures and don't cry!

Still thinks this is the best toy in existence

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Happened

We did some stuff. Not as much as I wanted to do. Turns out losing a parent is really a bummer? And maybe I'm not handling it as well as I would like? And I'm kinda bummed and not as much fun to be around?


We had a lot of dance parties and movie nights. We played at indoor playgrounds and went to the park before it got stupid hot. We played Pokemon.

I organized many drawers and closets and my house is still too full of stuff.

We went to two aquariums and my mom took the kids to the zoo. We saw a movie in the theater!

I made a pie. We did lots of swimming (of which I have no pictures) and had a pretty decent time.

They learned some stuff, and I got to go to a concert and a sauna and life goes on. Life is pretty good.

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