Saturday, March 9, 2013

11 months

After this, only one more to go guys!
11 months! My friend Modern Day Martha's little girl turned 1, which is... crazy. That means Eleanor will be 1 in a month and my brain doesn't know how to process that information.

The Vitals:
20lb 8oz (not much change)
28.5" (again, not much change)
6 teeth (no change)
For having a whole lot of no change, she sure seems to have grown a lot. I switched out a bunch of clothes, so that means she must be bigger somehow. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Highlights:
North Texas Irish Festival--all beshamrocked.
Another week spent in Weatherford with my grandma, who wants to be called Gigi, to avoid confusion with my mother, who is Grandma now.
I ran away to Arizona for a weekend and she did just fine without me. I did pretty ok without her too, so that's good news.
Baptism & baby dedication

Standing. On her own. Only when *she* wants to, and never if she realizes you realize she's doing it.
Signing "milk" but usually only when she's already drinking, so I'm not sure that's as useful as it could be
Making a smooch noise in your general direction in response to you making a smooch noise at her
Waving! Finally!

Works In Progress:
Blowing kisses--if we can combine the waving & the smooch noise, we should be nearly there
Hi 5--she holds her hand up but hasn't learned that she needs to DO something yet
Walking? Maybe? No, not really. Not yet.

She likes:
Mandarin oranges. Oh my, how did I wait this long to give them to her? She's a citrus fiend!
Blowing raspberries.
The camera
Anything with a cord, or a screen, or buttons (her father's daughter)

She dislikes:
when you take away anything with a cord, or a screen or buttons
tuna salad

I like:
letting her chase me around the house. She is remarkably fast on her hands & knees
watching her play with her reflection
seeing the faces she makes when trying new foods
when she sings & plays in her crib

I dislike:
when she decides to skip her nap and spend 2 hours singing in her crib

anyway, 11 months!

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