Friday, November 2, 2012


It's November. National Write a bunch month. I'm really enjoying reading all the stuff that folks are putting up and it's reminding me that I do like my bloggy friends, but...
I'm not doing it.

I feel pretty accomplished when I manage to make my once a month Eleanor update, so every day for 30 days, especially when 15 of those days will be spent in Weatherford with my grandma... nope, not looking so good.

I would like to post MORE though, which is nice as a goal, as it is pretty easy to accomplish. Twice a month and I'm set, right?

I do have things that I want to write about. I've decided to buy all the weird looking squash at the grocery and eat it. I like squash. This should be a good plan. So fat I've only done the 2 squash that I always get--acorn and butternut. Oh, and I guess yellow (summer) squash and zucchini, but I don't ever really think of those as squash, even though they are. My brain thinks of squash as just the fall/winter varieties. Also, I have an ENTIRE cookbook dedicated to squash and pumpkin. It's beautiful and I'm just dying for a chance to make all the things. There are about 6 different squash soup recipes. It's gonna be great.

I'm trying to get better about doing things during Eleanor's naps, but recently her sleeping has taken a turn for the decidedly ugly. I don't even really want to talk about it because I simultaneously want all the advice so I can try everything and maybe something will work, and also don't want to hear about what worked for you, because that means your baby is sleeping and mine isn't and I'm a little tired and bitter, ok? *sigh* I just want more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep. I know I'll get it someday, but we all know that I'm terribly impatient about waiting for things I want.

Life is sadness and woe. Sleep is for suckers. I don't wanna nap!

Oh, hi there! I missed you!
One of he saving graces is that Eleanor wakes up so very happy (when she's truly done sleeping). So I have an easy way of knowing when she's ready to be done napping and when she needs to be re-napped, and I get lots of smiles and playful snuggles. Can't go wrong there.


Miranda Tuttle said...

Monster jammies!

Bill said...

As far as I'm concerned, it's not a squash unless it looks like it could have been broken off of that evil alien guy in Galaxy Quest.

Bill said...

Oh, and your blog service wants to dictate what browser I can use. Bad blogspot, off the couch.

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