Tuesday, January 8, 2013

9 months

This baby is blurry. That's the best way to put it. She's always in motion and man, I need a faster camera!

The Vitals:
Fresh from the doctor's office, the official numbers are:
19lb 15.5oz--can we just call that 20 and be good? Yes? Yes. (80%)
28.25" (80%)
So, she got her first tooth just 2 days after turning 8 months and now has 2 and a half teeth. Bottom right & top left. Top right seems not far behind.

Conked out after her first Christmas
Christmas! Snow! New Years! The Zoo! Teeth! Sleeping! It was a very full month.

Standing on everything (and sometimes with shockingly little assistance)
Transferring from one thing to another
Crawling on all fours (quite speedily)
Signing "milk"... sort of (She makes the sign. I'm not sure yet she knows what it means)

Works in Progress:
Standing--can stand unaided for just about a second, which is why this picture is so blurry
Cruising on furniture
Walking--though she's figuring out the stepping thing, and will sometimes do it while we're holding her hands

She likes:
All the food
All the people
Things that make noise
Chasing us down the hallway
Rain (really water of any sort at this point)
Playing with her stuff while I putter around
Watching me vacuum & dry my hair (the fear of the noise was short-lived), put on make-up, get dressed, do anything really

She dislikes:
Ear infections
Not getting to eat lint/cat hair/dog hair/paper/tinfoil/anything she can get her wee hands on

I like:
She gives hugs now. She is so interactive! She crawls to us when we call her name. She lunges at us with the best goofy grin. She is a happy, happy baby who likes to do stuff. I feel like I should have more to say, because it's been such a great time. She's sleeping better. She's mimicking us and while it's not words, her knack for making the right sounds at the right time is really neat. 

I dislike:
How fast this is all going. Also, putting away her too-tiny clothes. It's all so cute. Thankfully, she inherited a big box of equally cute stuff from Penny, and her aunts and grandmas keep her well dressed. 

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Brett Yohn said...

Linnea_ So cute. Looks like you with her red hair.

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