Friday, February 8, 2013

10 months

This one snuck up on me. Mostly because I forgot what day it was, or rather, was mightily confused about the way the calendar worked. I had it in my head that Saturday was the 6th, so Eleanor would be 10 months on Sunday. Except Saturday is the 9th. So she was 10 months yesterday. Oops.

The Vitals
6 teeth now! (4 top, 2 bottom for those keeping track, which is to say, me)

J's birthday party game night was a blast and E was quite the little charmer. We attended our friend Ben's baptism & 1st brithday party. Eleanor was quite the little crank pants because she missed her morning nap and then refused to sleep anywhere but her own bed. Party pooper.
She moved to her crib. Or rather, we finally assembled the crib instead of just having her sleep in the co-sleeper in pack and play mode in her own room.

Chewing on everything--tables, couches, toes (not ONLY her own), elbows (not her own), the dog (who is too dumb patient to move)
Squatting--like she actually bends her knees to sit down now instead of just falling over
Standing as long as a) no one is watching, 2) she doesn't realize it
Squnch face!

 Works in Progress:
She spent the past month mostly getting teeth at a somewhat alarming rate so hasn't made much progress in the walking or standing unassisted arena
She understands some words now. More than recognizing her name. Mostly short sentences with hand gestures. Come here. Give that to me. She also knows what areas of the house are off limits, because she GRINS right at us when she starts crawling that way.
Waving. We don't wave much so while she has the hand motion, she doesn't really connect it with much right now. Although on our walk yesterday, she waved at all the cars as they passed.
High-five. She won't give them, but if you give her one, she giggles like mad

She likes:
Tormenting Puca. She chases him around the house. It shouldn't be a fair fight. He's a fast dog but he just lets her crawl all over him. Best dog in the whole wide world, ok?
Exploring every nook and cranny of the house
Crunchy foods
Splashing (She's started doing this very scary thing where she gets so excited during bath time that she laugh and leans all the way forward until her face is in the water and then sits up so fast she starts to tip over. Non-slip mats are no match for my daughter's enthusiasm)
Crawling under things
Shiny things like car keys and watches

She dislikes:
Certain unidentifiable random configurations of air molecules--I don't know. Sometimes she's fine, everything is great, and then WOE! Wailing! and then, poof, fine again

I like:
making her laugh
going for walks
Watching her play with other babies

I dislike:
Not knowing how to comfort her when she's sick. Man, I'll be so excited when she's old enough for a decongestant.

Anyway, it was a quick month and I can hardly believe her birthday is in 2 months.


Elsha said...

She's adorable! And I'm amazed at all the teeth, since Daniel still has none.

Jessica said...

She looks like such a big girl standing up! She's supposed to still be a baby...

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