Thursday, April 11, 2013

12 Months

You guys, we did it. We survived an entire year! And I won't be doing monthly updates for a while. Which means I might have to remember how to write about other things. I might even get around to telling you all about my "naptime crafts" just as soon as I start doing them again.

The Vitals:
29.25" tall (60th percentile, which I think is a touch inaccurate, because she's the tallest baby I know and she was pretty squirmy at her check up)
21lb 4.5oz (70th percentile... yeah, that I'll buy)
Her head is in the 85th percentile, she still has 6 teeth, including the broken one which does resemble a shark tooth, so that's nice.
1 year
1 week

Just scroll to the pictures, it was a fun month
little rock star
breakfast cupcake
bonnet and basket

bunny butt


um... she does stuff?
She claps now.
And sticks her tongue out.
Takes steps, but not really walking.
Says "mamama" and "dadada" at semi-appropriate times so that she might actually mean me & J when she says it, but it's sketchy at best
Nods and says "cha" to every question ever

Works in Progress:
going to college and leaving me all alone with the cats

hand towels are perfectly sized

She likes:

She dislikes:
having her nails trimmed

I like:
Her adorable clothes
Her adorable face

I dislike:
That she is swiftly turning into a toddler--still my baby for now though.

I will do a separate post all about her party and her trip to Faire and all that jazz.
1 year of fluff and stuff

For reference, this is where we started...


Jessica said...

Happy one year, Eleanor!

Heather Claytor said...

Rampant cuteness!! Love it.

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