Thursday, April 3, 2014

Four?! months

This one snuck up on me. I've been so focused on ignoring the fact that Eleanor turns 2 in 4 days that I nearly missed 4 months.

The Vitals:
16.2 lb in a freshly clean diaper & empty belly
Long. Very long. I haven't been able to hold his squirmy self down to measure, but I'll get official numbers from the doctor next week.

North Texas Irish Festival. A couple of birthday parties. A cold or two.

Laughing! The best thing in the world. His first laugh was on St. Patrick's day, which is exactly one year after I found out he was joining our family, so that was neat.
Puking! On everything! Still!
Sitting up in the Bumbo
"Standing" on laps
Grabbing things (with about a 50% success rate)
Shoving any & everything into his mouth
Being naked

Works in Progress:
Rolling over--oh how he wants to do it, but is still a quarter turn short.

He likes:
Grabbing fistfuls of hair
Watching Eleanor

He dislikes:
The itchy forehead rash that causes him to try to maim himself on a daily basis

I like:
Giggles & smiles
He recognizes me & smiles when he sees me. He likes me. Dude.
That he's still a mostly immobile lump that I can just lay down & expect him to stay put
That he's learning to do stuff every second and become less lump-like by the minute
His birthmark

I dislike:
The mysterious thing in the middle of the night that causes him to lose his wee little mind for 3-5 minutes

He's so big and bright-eyed and beautiful. I'm so lucky to have him.


april said...

Where's his birthmark? Spencer has a stork's bite and I love it. Six years later it's no lighter than it was when he was born. I have a fingerprint on my back and when I was born I had one on my forehead that disappeared except when I'm really stressed I start getting red there first.

Shannon Hopps said...

OH, how I love these entries. I can't wait to meet this little man cub! Your writing is still some of the best I have ever read. Anytime I get an email that tells me there is a new Bean entry, it's a better day.

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