Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More veggies, more meatballs, and making stuff I've never made before

So, week 1 of Fresh20 was sort of a wash. Not terrible, but not really anything spectacular either. I made stuff (lots of substitutions) and liked most of it, though J didn't really. He ate it, because he's great like that.

Week 2 however, was such a hit! I cooked all sorts of things I've never made before, like kale, quinoa, polenta, meatballs, cannelli beans. Every single recipe I made J liked. Loved. Would eat again. Wanted me to make again. Even the stuff with KALE and QUINOA. Crazy. Super crazy. Good stuff. Full disclosure, I didn't make the vegetarian meal. It was a cold quinoa & kale salad and we wound up going out to dinner with friends and despite having all the ingredients at the ready, I never wound up making it.

Week 3 was a short week because of Memorial Day and some more dinner with friends. So I only made 2 of the recipes, but liked them both a lot.

This week is another meatball week and looks pretty promising. I made salsa for the first time. Hold the phone, I'm becoming a cook or something!

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