Friday, July 4, 2014

7 months

I don't know why 7 sounds so much older than 6, but it does.

Vitals: 21lb and about 28"
Growing like a weed, pleasantly plump and lots of other common phrases

First and second roadtrips! To Austin and Borger He did surprisingly well. Only a few melt-downs
Met his great-grandmother
Attended his first wedding
And his first funeral. (He was a whole 2 months older than Eleanor was at her first. For those keeping track, this was her 4th)
Met many cousins, & great aunt/uncles
Went to the pool

Continues to ooch while sitting up & lying down. He has both forward & backward motion as well as full turns.
He has managed to get from sitting to lying with some semblance of grace & control
Runner's stretch
Putting everything in his mouth, sometimes even food
Singing himself to sleep

Works in Progress:
Crawling. Oh how badly he wants to do it
Teeth? Maybe? He's drooling and chewing on everything, but I can neither see nor feel any evidence of actual teeth.
Sleeping on his own... maybe? Hopefully? Someday?

He likes:
Baths, now with added bonus sister!
Attempting to catch the tails of all of the various pets
Sleeping in the car seat
Chewing on paper, lint, dog hair
Rocking chairs
His sister's toys
Watching Eleanor do... everything, anything, all the things
Being naked

He dislikes:
Eating food. Mostly. Just in the past few days he's actually taken an interest in anything food-like. We're still doing a blend of baby-led weaning and purees. He's fairly ambivalent to both
Sleeping alone. Though he is getting better at it
Cold floors
Not having all the eyeballs on him

I like:
His easy-going nature
Smiles and giggles, which he gives out freely
His Mike Wazowski onesie (which has the fabulous grow-an-inch snaps so he keeps wearing it)
The fuzzy mohawk that doesn't seem to be going away any time soon
Long naps
Making smoosh. I spent an afternoon cooking up fruits & veggies and blending them in random combinations. Even if Garrison is fairly uninterested at the moment, Eleanor thinks it's the greatest thing ever.

I dislike:
Not being able to do all the things all the time. 2 kids, one of me. Makes for some tough days.
Sleep deprivation
Diaper rash

Seven months, dubious face
And just for comparison...

0 months
3 months

6 months


Shannon Hopps said...

He is a stunning man cub. Seriously. He's going to be a slayer of women! Love how stout he's built!!

Erin said...

His FACE in that last photo. I could just die. So cute.

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