Tuesday, October 7, 2014

10! Months!

The Vitals:
Holding steady at about 23lb
30.5" I think. Maybe 31", it's hard to get him to be still

Started Mother's Day Out
First move to a new house
Sleeping in a real crib, not a pack & play
Visit from Aunt Cheryl, Granny Boswell, and cousins

First day of Mother's Day Out
Standing. By himself. Alone. Unassisted.
Climbing stairs
Rolling balls & chasing them
Throwing things
Babbling. Lots of mamamas & dadadas, but only occasionally with purpose

Works in progress:
Cruising. He can do it, but knows he's faster on the ground
Walking. He can do it holding on to our hands & I think if I got him a walker toy he'd conquer the world
Teeth? Maybe? Never? I don't even know anymore

He likes:
All the food
Wooden blocks
Throwing things
Standing in the tub
Crawling in the dog's crate

He dislikes:
When the food is gone

I like:
His smiles, which he hands out freely
Long pants season. Babies in jeans are the cutest
That he takes his afternoon nap at the same time as Eleanor now. Hoooooooray!

I dislike:
The Mohawk is gone, though he still has a little Alfalfa sprout in back
His complete disregard for safety
It's October, and that means costumes and I'm so excited to have 2 kids to dress up! Eleanor is starting to express OPINIONS about what she wears, so this is going to be fun. Sadly, I can't find where I packed his alligator to take his 10m picture just yet.

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