Saturday, January 31, 2015

They just keep growing

So, I did a 13 month post for Eleanor because I was announcing that Garrison was on the way.

So, I'm going to tell you some stuff that Garrison is up to at 14 months.

Talking! He says Mama, Dada, Ella, Puca, Tukko (kukko, really), ball, book, hi (my personal favorite), bye-bye, water, and signs drink, milk (which just means drink, because he doesn't actually like milk anymore), all done and please.

Ok, in my head I had a lot more to report, because it seems like he's doing something new EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I guess it's really just words. He's gotten to the point where he gets angry if you take his toys away, and by toys, I mean whatever he's picked up--including dog hair--and isn't as easily distracted anymore.

He had his first haircut last week. I did it at home, and hoooooboy, do I not have any skill in that area. Luckily, his hair is fluffy, and he's rarely still, so all my mistakes are pretty well camouflaged. He wasn't totally traumatized, though his sister did IMMEDIATELY demand that I cut her hair too.

Oh, and he finally got teeth! 2 teeth! 1 about 2 weeks after his birthday, and one right before Christmas. His two front teeth. On top. It's adorable. There might be a third (on the bottom) trying to make an appearance, but he won't let me in there to look, so who knows!

We've gone to the park a few times to enjoy the sunny January weather, so he's gotten to get on the swings a bit. And climb around in the grass.

 When it's not sunny and 70 degrees, I make him wear this RIDICULOUSLY adorable hat from his Aunt B.

 Also, he likes to get going so fast he loses his balance and smashes his face into things, sometimes causing bleeding head wounds. That's fun and exciting. I'm so glad I had a girl first, because I'm so tempted to write it off as a boy thing, but no. Eleanor was the EXACT SAME.

Speaking of being the same, Garrison desperately wants to be doing whatever she is doing. All the time. Thankfully, Eleanor is learning to share a little better these days and can most of the time be coerced into sharing with a few Daniel Tiger songs. (Seriously, all the dollars to PBS for that gem of a show!) So, of course I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to dress them in matching t-shirts!

Eleanor has finally ditched her paci and diapers. My baby. She's a ridiculous 38 1/2 imches tall and still hovering around 30 lbs. Garrison is not closing that gap as quickly as I thought though. He's still hanging out at around 32 inches, 25 lbs. But they wear the same size shirt. Because of course they do. 

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