Thursday, March 5, 2015

15 months

The Vitals:
31 3/4 inches
25 pounds

First weekend away from his parents! He spent it with my folks and has an excellent time.

Walking, running, climbing, opening doors & cabinets & the fridge.
Eating everything
Taking & signing. So, in addition to Panda (nanda), Garrison has followed in his sister's footsteps and he has his own version of Bagels' name, complete with hand motion, just like she taught Eleanor. He babbles and mimics all the time, so of course to us, it seems like he says a lot more than is probably reasonable to expect from a 15 month old, but about 25 identifiable and consistent words. He will say "up" now, complete with hand motions,.
All done
Ball, bath, bye, bag, book, bubble, baby, bottle
Dog, Dada, diaper
Mama, more, mouth
Please, Papa (which is actually baba)
Thank You

Works in progress:
More teeth! So, center teeth, top & bottom are in. Top molars have broken through & the bottom are very close.

He likes:
Anything his sister is doing
Cell phones/tablets
Kung Fu Panda (he "sings" the theme song with us)
Anything that rolls
His pets
Climbing under things
Cheese, yogurt, oranges
Baths, books, snuggles
Being tickled under his chin
People. This kid is so social & happy.

He dislikes:
Diaper changes, because it means stopping the playing

I like:
His fluffy hair
All the giggles & smiles
Teaching him tricks
Fleece vests for babies
How easily he goes to sleep (most of the time). It's pure luck, but I love it. 

I dislike:
Dealing with another rash of doom (HFM. It was uuuuugggggglllllyyyy)
How sad he gets when I leave

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