Wednesday, April 15, 2015

3 years

The Vitals:
39 inches tall
32 pounds
She wears 3T most everything, but pants are a struggle. Now that she's not wearing diapers, there's nothing holding her pants up, so the great buttless wonder goes around showing her tiny crack off. Because pants are dumb. Mostly she wears leggings, but needs a 2T waist and 3T length. I know she is not alone in this. 

I made a video, because I can't begin to sum up an entire year in a few sentences. Well, I can begin, but the video is better.

She likes:
Octonauts, Daniel Tiger, playing with baby dolls, kitchen things, fixing things, using tools, doing "her job" which is whatever she wants to be doing at the moment, checking the mail, doing it "by MYSELF, Mama!" and being a "big helper." 
She loves pasta in all forms: pad thai, chinese noodles, mac and cheese, spaghetti, whatever. If it's got pasta in it, she'll probably eat it. 
Cheese, grapes, blueberry yogurt, peanut butter, pancakes, apple juice, whatever you're drinking.
Playing outside, chasing the dog, throwing balls, jumping in puddles, kicking dirt, scooping dirt, throwing dirt, moving dirt around the yard with her "shuggle" and bucket.
Her blanket (which thankfully isn't just one blanket, but any of the muslin style blankets)
(The tooth fairy came and took her paci away, so that's one mile stone down!)

Eleanor is just so talkative, and sometimes she says the greatest things.
She calls the Grinch "the Christmas Grump" and the Octonauts live in the "Octoport" not the Octopod and she loves to sound the "Octoalerp." Fs still sounds like S or B, which means Tinkerbell (Kinkerbell) is a "bairy" and she giggles like a maniac when the dog is "snissing" her. I cannot even replicate the way she says vinegar or velvet, but it's hilarious. V is sometimes b, sometimes z. She wants to turn on the tz, and uses "her" instead of "she." She has not mastered the R sound, but it does help with the fs, because she loves "fwied wice" when we have "shiny food."  When you take a picture, she says "tease!" Her favorite song is The Wheels on the Bus, but she also likes to sing "Tinkle Tinkle Little Star" and the theme to Kung Fu Panda, complete with drum noises and "sweet!" at the end. She loves "Closing Time" by Semisonic, but thinks it's about her being born... because we watched YouTube video together where Dan, from Semisonic talks about writing that sing about his baby being born. (For the record, John Mayer's Daughters was playing when she was born. I had no say in that, but it's kind of neat.)

I've gotten her addicted to kpop. She asks for "her G Dwagon," which, as far as I can tell, is everything from 2009 to the present. Any earlier than that, and he's MY G Dragon. She also loves her TOP, and will tell you that Taeyang is a "mad boy" and he's cold, because he's not wearing a shirt. Oh, and it's not MY BTS anymore, it's HER BTS, thank you very much. She asks for the "nega chay challaga" song, and "wa wa geejeebay!" which just makes me giggle. 

She will tell you, unprompted, that she loves you, that you're awesome, and which things are not her favorite. Things are frequently "almost done" as a stalling technique. If you ask her how she's doing, she'll say, "I doing great!" She loves to be a "big helper" especially in the kitchen.
When I ask her to lay down, sometimes she asks to "lay up" and loves to climb into my lap during her bedtime book, which she will then insist she read back to you, with surprising accuracy.

She dislikes:
raw vegetables, except tomatoes
being told what to do

I like:
Getting to braid her hair.
All her adorable outfits.
The way she loves things--full of enthusiasm and joy and no reservations
Holding her hand, painting her tiny nails & toes.

She pushes all my buttons sometimes with her independence and her defiance and her need to be the boss. Gee, I wonder where she gets that from. She also melts my heart with the way she clings to my neck at bed time, saying, "Mama, I neeeeeeed you."

Yeah, she's pretty much the best thing. I think I'll keep her.

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