Saturday, August 27, 2016

Summer Happened

We did some stuff. Not as much as I wanted to do. Turns out losing a parent is really a bummer? And maybe I'm not handling it as well as I would like? And I'm kinda bummed and not as much fun to be around?


We had a lot of dance parties and movie nights. We played at indoor playgrounds and went to the park before it got stupid hot. We played Pokemon.

I organized many drawers and closets and my house is still too full of stuff.

We went to two aquariums and my mom took the kids to the zoo. We saw a movie in the theater!

I made a pie. We did lots of swimming (of which I have no pictures) and had a pretty decent time.

They learned some stuff, and I got to go to a concert and a sauna and life goes on. Life is pretty good.

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