Monday, December 6, 2010

The numbers means something, I'm sure of it.

This will be my 50th post.  Not bad for a girl who never thought she'd make it past week one.

In honor of this fact, I shall make you a list of 50 words that I like, mostly because they are fun to say.  Don't know a word?  Click it!
  1. lackadaisical
  2. rudimentary
  3. interrobang
  4. muffin
  5. sophistry
  6. balloon
  7. idiosyncratic
  8. hippopotamus
  9. heffalump
  10. humu humu nuku nuku āpua`a
  11. jubilation
  12. racketeering
  13. bubble
  14. eclectic
  15. snickerdoodle
  16. forensic
  17. persnickety
  18. flibbertigibbet
  19. Jabberwocky
  20. ramekin
  21. fjord
  22. obstreperous
  23. cobbler
  24. spasmodic
  25. juice
  26. brobdingnagian
  27. pudding
  28. llama
  29. concoction
  30. Fraggle
  31. squiggle
  32. diphthong
  33. snort
  34. aspirate
  35. guacamole
  36. flummox
  37. flan
  38. parapluie
  39. woozy
  40. flambé
  41. escutcheon
  42. mischievous
  43. ecumenical
  44. slink
  45. ubiquitous
  46. lascivious
  47. Gesundheit
  48. arugula
  49. quibble
  50. discombobulate

Lots of foods in there.  Maybe I should go get a sammich...


Fickle Cattle said...

From your list, I only like one word, "jubilation," but I did click on sophistry and humu humu something because they intrigued me.

My fave word of all time is "luminous".

LE Bean said...

Luminous is lovely--it sounds like it should look. Thanks for stopping by!

Buddy said...

yay for Fjords!

btw Gesundheit should be capitalized if you want to follow German spelling rules ;)

LE Bean said...

Of course I want to follow German spelling rules. It's the least I can do since I'll never quite manage German pronunciation rules...

so, post edited to include capitalization. Thank you sir!

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