Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posting schedule for an unscheduled announcement

Alright, I suppose it's not really a "regularly scheduled posting schedule" if it's only been active for a day since changing from the old posting schedule, in which this would be right on schedule, but that is sort of beside the point.

Today, I'm pointing you over to Single Dad Laughing.  He's my internet buddy--in so far as I read his stuff, and when I get around to sending him e-mails, he is kind and prompt in replying in a human-type fashion.  I like the majority of what he writes, and find him to be honest, heartfelt and humorous.  (Always avoid awkward and affected alliteration... or something).  He also has one adorable kid!

Today, he talks about "dislike" and the associated Facebook button that doesn't exist.  It's about more than Facebook though, and I enjoyed it, so I share.  Also, you'll notice that I don't have "like" or "dislike" as an option for clicking at the bottom of my posts.  I have other words that I like, and find more helpful... and maybe that won't hurt my tender sensibilities either.

Single Dad Laughing: Why Facebook should never add a "dislike" button

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