Thursday, January 6, 2011

A trip to the early Bean

Today is a photo-heavy post because I want to share with you a gem my mother lovingly saved for me.  Hailing all the way from 1987 (as best we can tell) comes this riviting story of the young ones of this world.  Note the incredible artwork and thoughtful insights.  I'm particularly proud of the first illustration, but judge for yourself.  Maybe you'll be captivated by the pig-like features of the dog or the kangarooish qualities of the fawn (with real white spots).  As you will see, spelling has never been a strong suit of mine.  Despite that set back, I think this body of work shines with an understated grace. 

So, here it is, an example of my early works, before the popular advent of the internet.


Jen said...

That is awesome. I particularly love that piglets can do anything dogs can do! :)

Bill McCurry said...

That's lovely! I particularly like your drawing of a chick. In 1987 you could draw better than I could, and I already owned my own house.

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