Tuesday, October 18, 2011

13 Things (most of you probably already know)

Stolen from Princess Nebraska*:

13 things you should know about me before The Blathering (or meeting me in person in any way, I suppose):

1. I'm giant. I'm 6' tall and 2' wide. While neither of those dimensions is particularly uncommon, the combination isn't all that prevalent. Also, it seems that the few bloggers who will be at The Blathering whose heights I know are... not tall. I'm not amazingly tall, but I have a fear of being 6" taller than the rest of the folks there, which, while not a huge deal, would be slightly awkward.

2. I'm loud. Really loud. I do have an inside voice, but I usually have to be reminded to use it.

3. I talk with my hands. And my whole face. And my whole body. I'm just sort of... physically over-expressive. Beware of flying elbows if I get going on a good story.

4. I have no idea if I've told you a story before, so it's totally ok, in fact encouraged that you tell me that you've heard it before so I can spare us both the retelling and let you get a word in edgewise.

5. I will probably take pictures of your shoes. Not in a fetishy way, I just... like shoes. My sister B got me hooked on the idea of taking pictures of feet everywhere, and it's really stuck. So, if you're camera shy, maybe you'll let me grab a shot of your shoes.

6. Part of the reason why I'm so loud is that I'm very enthusiastic. I'm excited about everything. I will be very excited to meet you. I will try not to be so excited to meet you that you dread meeting me, but I make no guarantees.

7. I'm also prone to hyperbole and wild exaggeration.

8. I'm bringing gifts. 49 tiny gifts. A random idea struck me, and my timing was perfect enough that the lovely ladies at Hobby Lobby were able to put a custom order in for me. Tomorrow, I will sit down with needle and thread (which sounds a lot more... competent than what will actually be happening) and turn these supplies into a little something.

9. Oh, I'm pregnant. I don't look pregnant, just my normal brand of chubby, so there's no belly for you to pat. My belly is all still french fries and PB&J sandwiches, not baby yet.

10. The more comfortable I get with people, the touchier I get. I mean, I'm not going to fondle you at dinner, but I might reach out to touch your hand or elbow while talking. I won't in any way get offended if you don't want me to touch you, I just need to know so I don't continue to make you uncomfortable and then feel like an ass about it afterwards. I probably won't initiate hugs, but I love to get them.

11. I like music. I'm not cool or knowledgeable about music, but I like it. I think mix tapes (even if they're on CD or jump drive) are one of the best gifts ever and maybe music isn't the best way to get to know someone, but I think it creates an illusion of connection when two people both love the same song. I promise not to hate you if you don't like my music or I don't like yours.

12. I sing along to the radio, or at karaoke. If I know the song that's being sung, I'll probably be singing along too. Which might be rude, but I like to think that it's supportive. No? Just rude? Oh. Ok then.

13. I enjoy communal eating. I certainly won't take food off your plate (unless I've known you for a while), but I love it when there's a lot of variety on the table and people are willing to share a bite or two, so you get to try all the things that sounded good. It's still strange to me to go to a Chinese restaurant and not just order one dish for each person, put it all in the middle and dish out some of each, family style. So, know that you are more than welcome to try my dinner or dessert.

*Also? Princess Nebraska? Great blog name! Love it! I mean, she lives in California, so it's kind of confusing, but that's ok. She's from Nebraska if I remember correctly.


Elizabeth said...

I am totally intrigued by the 49 tiny gifts. With sewing!

andrea said...

Um. Yay for communal eating. Even if it is just my husband and me at a place like PF Changs, we'll order 3 things, just so we can have a variety (and leftovers). Also, I really like Burt's Bees, at addiction level.

Kate said...

I also sing along with everything and anything, so I will be right there with you. I'm also a fan of communal eating and have been known to eye things on my friends' plates until they finally give in and offer me a bite. (Yeah, I'm subtle like that. But I only do it to friends, so that makes it okay, right? Right?)

Erica said...

This makes me think we're going to be GREAT friends! I cannot wait to meet you!

Erica Polka Dot Hippo said...

I'm really enthusiastic too. Woo! Enthusiasm! Blathering!

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