Monday, October 17, 2011

Total procrastinator!

Warning! Run-on sentences and a complete lack of grammatical style in this post!

Ok, so I'm going to this gathering of lady bloggers down in Austin, and one of my favorite bloggers is going to be there. I'm not going JUST to meet her, but it was a big pro when I was making my list. Mostly because I've had this idea of a thing I wanted to make for her, or rather for her baby, but even just typing that out makes me realize just how incredibly strange that sounds. So I couldn't really talk myself into asking for her address to send it to her, but somehow giving it to her person is better? Still creepy? Probably.

So, this idea, I've had it for... oh, I don't know, many month. Probably since before said baby was born, because it was something that I thought of as a good idea for some baby out there, and this baby seemed the perfect candidate. Truth be told, I'll probably make one for my own baby, but that means I actually have to make it.

So, many months have passed while I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about making said gift for the aforementioned baby.

I'm being unnecessarily vague, because this lady blogger doesn't read my blog (and I say that with no malice or pouting--it's a big internet and just because I like her doesn't mean that she would like me), so the chances of ruining the surprise are really pretty slim, but you know what, I'm not taking any chances.

Besides, if she did read this, she'd probably get mildly annoyed, because she's a person who doesn't like there to be any delay time between the finding out about a surprise and the receiving of said surprise.

Not that there would be much of a delay anyway, because I don't know if you know this, but The Blathering is THIS FRIDAY!

This Friday. As in, 4 days from now. I've agreed to go spend the weekend with 48 strangers, only two of whom I've actually met in the real world, and of those two, only one do I remember the appropriate combination of name and face... sad, I know.

It's not that I'm shy. I'm not. I do pretty well with strangers. I mind my manners. I'm not afraid to jump into conversations. I don't feel the need to be the star of the gathering, to have everyone that I like leave thinking that I'm awesome and amazing. I mean, that would be great and all, but is pretty unlikely, seeing as how the blogs that I like tend to be written by people who I think I get along better with when they're on the other end of the internet, because then the chance of me putting my foot in my mouth is at least somewhat lessened.

Oh, and another thing? I was totally excited to see bloggers that I like leaving comments on my friend's blog. How cool is that? Am I to thank for that introduction? Possibly. Then again, big internet and all, so they could have made the connection themselves, but it still is cool. Almost as cool as seeing your friends comment on blogs that you also enjoy. Who knew we had such good taste?

Ok, so this procrastinated project-- I was propelled into action by finding out that one of the 9 ladies I know giving birth in 2012 (10 babies out of all that--somebody's having TWINS!), who happens to be one of my dearest friends from like, forever, just found out today that her baby is a girl. I am doubly excited, because 1) dude! Pink and purple ruffles! and B) so far all of the babies whose dangle or lack there of has been revealed have all been boys.

Anyway, so I decided to stop by Joann's to get craft supplies to start spoiling this baby girl, and while I was there I decided to get off my butt and maybe see about making the thing for my blogger friend's baby.

I have a washer full of (well, no, not really. It would be really hard to get a full washer out of just ) onesies being washed so I can start the crafting process. I've never attempted this particular craft before, but I think I understand the basic concepts of iron-on transfers and fabric glue, so hopefully everything will go smoothly.

Worst case scenario? It fails miserably, and I don't bring it, and no one (but you) knows that it was ever even an idea. Who knows? Maybe we'll really hit it off at The Blathering and I won't feel weird about asking for her address to send her baby stuff, and I can try again for Christmas.


Jesabes said...

Ok, now I'm trying to remember who doesn't like waiting for surprises. That sounds so familiar.

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hmmm... shouldn't need a Disqus thingy, but I may need to tweak the settings. This is all new to me.

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