Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The elusive perfect

There are certain things that I'm still searching for "the perfect" of. Red lipstick was one of those, until I found it at MAC, but of course, it's a limited edition color so some day I will be wailing and moaning the loss of my perfect red, but let's hope that day is many, many years in the future--because I don't follow those guidelines that say you have to throw away all your makeup after a year and buy new stuff. I'll buy new stuff and keep the old, thank you very much. Like that Girl Scout song... Buy new makeup, but keep the old! One is silver and the other gold! Except mascara. That stuff gets cakey and ugly way too soon. But I digress. I don't have a signature scent or that one recipe that I'm famous for yet. I haven't found a little black dress that makes me feel pretty and elegant and can be dressed up and down for multiple occasions. I haven't found the perfect face cleaner, though I am pretty happy with my "clean your face with oil" routine so far. I've got a smidge too much Castor oil in it at the moment, so I need to tweak that recipe. Maybe then it will be perfect. I'll keep you posted.

I'm still searching for the perfect daily moisturizer. Here are my criteria that will make it perfect:
  • Has sunscreen in it (SPF 15-30 is plenty), but doesn't smell like sunscreen
  • Doesn't make my face break out into a million pieces of red, splotchy, pimply agony

That's it! I'm not really all that picky. Just those two things. I've found plenty of lotions that meet 1.5 of those criteria, but the perfect lotion has yet to be found. I keep trying. I have hope. Someday I will settle down with my perfect lotion and I will live happily ever after in sun-protected, acne-free, non-stinky bliss.

My lament for pants is both long and well documented, but recently I figured out how to sum it up. You know the old saying that you've got 3 options:
  • fast
  • good
  • cheap
You can pick any 2 of those you want? Well, that's how pants-shopping is for me. My options are pants that fit my:
  • waist
  • hips
  • legs (length).
I can have any 2 of those I want. Obviously, I usually choose legs & hips since pants that don't button/zip aren't as practical. Also, in case you were wondering, you can be any 2 of the following:
  • fat 
  • tall
  • pregnant
 Don't try to do all 3.

I have found a few perfect things in my life though.

  • My perfect cardigan is from the Cabi 2010 Spring Line, so I'll never be able to buy another one. It's thin enough to be able to put it on & still get a jacket on over it, but warm enough that it's not just decoration. The sleeves are truly 3/4 length, even on my long arms. It ties in front, so does great things for showing off my best feature, and hits at just the right spot on my ribs to not draw attention to my hudge & not make me look pregnant when I'm not. If I could travel back in time and buy 10 of them I would, to last me the rest of my life. And also to stock up on my MAC lipstick.

  • My perfect heels sadly bit the dust back in July, 2008. They were black mary-janeish in style, but with a wide, comfy rubberish heel that made it possible to wear them for 8 hours and not want to kill anyone. I wore them for 10 years and loved them until the final bitter end--at MBFJC's wedding rehearsal where they finally bit the dust. Wide heels aren't really in style anymore, so I have yet to find another pair of shoes that had the versatility (black mary janes! Where them with everything!) and comfort of those shoes. But I keep trying. That might explain why I have 4 pairs of black mary jane style shoes at the moment...

  • My perfect eyeliner is Makeup Forever's Aqua Eyes, in black. It's creamy and glides on smoothly, even when my eyes are being all crepe-paper-y. You can smudge it if you're quick, then it sets pretty well, and it's not rub-proof, but it is water-proof. Like, in the pool swimming about water-proof. Of course, then I wipe my hands all down my face and maybe smear it a bit, but that's my own fault for wearing eyeliner in the pool, right? Right.
My perfect things are all black. I'm not sure what that says other than I like the versatility of the color. So, now you tell me about your perfects. Perfect go-to party recipe? Perfect bakery where they understand how to make real sourdough bread? Perfect mascara that makes your lashes look real, but even awesomer than nature actually gave you? Perfect rainy-day pick me up treat? You know... those things. Share! Share!


Julie Short said...

I had a favorite pair of black heels and a favorite pair of nude heels in college. They have both bitten the dust since then. Makes me so sad because I cannot find anything like either one of them anymore. I have come close on the black heels but the nude heels that go with everything, no such luck.

Mama Bub said...

This Kiehl's moisturizer is everything you mentioned. I used it every day of the year: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/kiehls-ultra-facial-moisturizer-spf-15/2922437?origin=keywordsearch&resultback=2508

Heather said...

My perfect go-to meal is Vodka Sauce with Tortellini. I spent years getting the sauce just right; it's a joy to make now because I know I'll love it (and the leftovers are badass). Thanks for this list, it made me smile. =) And now I have to go try that eyeliner....

Natalie said...

I like Purpose moisturizer you can find it at Target/Wal-Mart. It has SPF of 15, and does not cause breakouts. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist.
I found some good maternity slacks at JCpenny's. They were on sale for $24.

LE Bean said...

Yeah, the problem with maternity pants is that "tall" sizes only go up to XL, and because of the hip-spreading, I need a 1X now, which they make, but only with a 32" inseam, which hits my ankles, not my feet. 1 store in the whole wide world (and Internet) has pants that are wide enough for my butt/hips to fit in and long enough for my legs, but they are $70/pair. So, I wear skirts and pray that my regular pants keep fitting as long as possible.

LEBean said...

Yes, your vodka sauce is awesome. I remember it fondly!
And yes, try that eyeliner. It's awesome.

LEBean said...

I'm totally trying this!

LEBean said...

nude heels... something I've never owned, but now want to investigate!

Elsha said...

Have you tried Clinique's super defense moisturizer? SPF 25 and does not smell like sunscreen. It doesn't make me break out, but I'm not prone to break outs, so...

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