Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Pinterest Christmas

So, I got sucked into browsing Pinterest aimlessly looking for crafting ideas. Here's what I found and what I came up with.

Their picture:
Reindeer Rootbeer
My picture: 

Kinda look like Beaker, eh?
So then I took this idea:
Glittery Ornaments

And this idea:
Santa Ornament

And made these:
Glitter ornaments, with... ribbon belts...and jiggaflern

Then I took this idea:

Braided Ribbon Headband
And turned it into this gift for my niece:

Modeled by me
I didn't have enough ribbon do to a whole headband, so I slipped the headband through a loop on the braid

Then I put a little bow on the end
Then I made a mess in my kitchen with these:
Hot Chocolate Truffles
I did make them with the extra sugar as suggested, and on my second batch added a dash of cayenne pepper and nutmeg... because why the heck not, right? They are definitely... softer than I anticipated. Tasty as all get-out when put in milk, but I was thinking more traditional truffle consistency not... smooshy. They are quite smooshy. No pictures of this one sadly as I've given them all away.

So there you have it. Christmas crafts via Pinterest.

1 comment:

Elsha said...

You're so crafty! I did zero Christmas crafts this year, sadly.

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