Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The truth in art

Ok, ok, ok.
Here it is:

Me, in some pants that allow me to fake a unified belly at 30 weeks:

Me, in reality, both bellies represented, also my dirty mirror and skeptical face (also at 30 weeks):
So there you have it, Internets. Me, with internal baby. If I ever get around to doing fancy semi-professional pictures, I'll be sure to show those off too.


Julie Short said...

OK...your 30 week belly totally looks like my 17 week belly. Jackson just had nowhere to go. Oh to be tall!

Elsha said...

See, I just refuse to wear pants that don't let me fake a unified belly. Well, mine is less the unified belly and more the extra roll of fat at the bottom- but the pants make it look smooth and like part of the pregnant belly!

Stephanie said...

Yay, baby bump! Adorable, regardless of what you think.

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