Friday, January 6, 2012

One-Woman Cosmetics Counter

So I mentioned the ridiculous amount of makeup that I own in my last post and talked about the "I can do anything" completeness of the stuff I carry in my purse, and it just so happens that I locked myself out of my car the other day, or at least I thought I did... well I DID, but I didn't lock my keys in my car. I dropped my keys just outside my car when I got out, and by the time I needed them again, it was dark and I couldn't find them in my purse and didn't see them next to my car, so I called J to come let me into my car, and in the meantime decided to clean out my purse, which led to the realization that I have too much makeup in my purse. And most of it fits in that little pink bag!

Here's everything, all laid out by my keyboard. This is when I started to suspect that there was a problem and maybe I should think about streamlining my cosmetics!

1. Clinique eyeshadow trio in colors of awesome. Seriously, this little thing is probably all I need for 75% of my days. It has highlight and shadow colors that are perfect for my skin and look totally natural on me. These are the rosy colors that I am.
2. Physicians Formula Healthy Wear SPF 50 Powder Foundation-- Color Translucent Light (pasty white girl who burns at the mention of sun)
3. Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour Eyeshadow--Color Berry Bloom. This doesn't need to live in my purse, but it's been there for a while and I can't be bothered to move it. I love this 12 Hr stuff. Love it. I've had 3 different sets of these in 3 different color sets and I've loved them all.
4. Philosophy Hope Oil Free SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer for normal-to-oily skin. Man, do I love this stuff. I try really hard to have sunscreen on every day because I've seen where my skin is going. I take after my grandma and have pretty classic Worley skin, which bruises, breaks, tears and as it gets older gets thinner and more delicate. It does not remain firm and smooth, so minimizing sun damage is pretty much my number one beauty goal. If I had a beauty goal it would be to look my age, not any other age.
5. Make Up Forever Full Coverage Extreme Camouflage Cream--Color 4 This stuff is the jam too! Thankfully I don't have to use it much except for under my eyes and it blends really well, stays put, and lasts as long as I need it to. Considering the wear & tear I put on my face during the spring (Texas, outside for 12+ hrs a day), I love anything that can keep up with me.
6. L'oreal Eyeshadow Quad--Color Hopeful Wishes. This doesn't need to live in my purse either, but again--it got put there one time and I've never taken the time to take it out. Fun colors. The darkest one looks grey, but people tell me it's actually dark green.
7.Sonia Kashuk mini brush set from Target. 4 brushes to do... whatever needs to be done with whatever makeup I've got
8. Urban Decay Brow Box--Color Honey Pot Another thing that I never knew I needed until I had it. I frequently need to augment my pale eyebrows so that I look like I have an expression, and this little thingy is the best! It has a tiny brush & tweezers inside, 2 colors of powder (which is so soft and velvety, I use it as eyeshadow on the regular) and underneath that, a secret compartment for clear wax, so if I'm serious about it, I can set my eyebrows in place. I find powder so much easier to work with than a pencil and looks more natural on me when I'm done.
9. Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, SPF 15--Color Rose. Got it as part of a set that I picked up with my "you spend lots of money here, have some free stuff" points at Sephora. I like that for having sunscreen in it, it neither tastes nor smells like sunscreen. It's kind of citrusy and the color is super sheer and almost the same color as me, so it's really just fancy chapstick for me. Probably wouldn't have bought it on my own, but as a freebie, I like it.
10. Urban Decay eyeliners in Perversion (blackest black) and Corrupt (brown with a little bit of silvery sparkle). Urban Decay is one brand that will always suck me in because they have beautiful, vibrant colors with awesome names. As an added bonus, I really like the stuff once I get it on my face. These eyeliners are part of the 15th anniversary limited edition set of eyeliners that I got as a prize that I really enjoy and will probably last me for the rest of time.
11. Lip liner in a universally me shade of pink.
12. Benefit High Brow.
13. Kat Von D Tattoo Eraser. I don't use it for erasing tattoos. I use it as a highlighting eyeliner. It's a perfect shade of pale pink for doing such things. Sort of like the High Brow. Only different. And smaller, thus easier to get into small spaces. Ok, so I really don't need both of these things, but I can't figure out which I love more to get rid of one, so I keep both.
14. Revlon Colorstay 12 Hour lipstick--Color Hooker red. (Actually On going flame, but I always call it hooker red, because that's the color my friends & I use to describe a narrow range of reds) If I don't wear the top coat (spoiler: I forget to wear it 95% of the time) it dries my lips out and makes them peely. I still wear it because it lasts through dinner, and with this, the pale pink eyeshadow, mascara and the Perversion eyeliner I can be totally glammed up for whatever in 5 minutes from the contents of my purse. It's pretty awesome.
15. Revlon Double Twist Mascara--waterproof of course. I understand that some people want non-waterproof mascara, I just don't know why. I have yet to find the perfect mascara, but I like this stuff. The brush is big and friendly. It's not too goopy and I don't look like I have spider legs for lashes when I'm done. Win!
16.Covergirl lipstick... I don't know which kind, but #335, Embrace. It's a purply-pink with that blue shimmer. Totally impractical for most days. I bought it for wearing with my overpoweringly pink Faire costume, but it lives in my purse now due to a combination of laziness and for the occasional bad day pick-me-up. It's hard to not feel awesome when wearing rad lipstick. At least, it is for me.
17. Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush lipgloss--Color Cupquake. Ok, it's really pink and really sparkly and it tastes good. It's a very strong gloss though! It broke a hair once. Like, some stray hair blew across my lips when I was wearing it (my #1 complaint against lipgloss by the way) and when I tried to pull the hair off, it BROKE. I still like it. See above: pink, sparkly, tastes good.
18. Kat Von D Saint/Sinner roller ball perfume duo. Because it never hurts to have a quick stink-pretty stashed in your purse, right?
19. Thus begins my Burt's Bees problem. This is the original formula, and the one I use the most frequently. I love it. I have 4 tubes of just this kind stashed in various locations about my house and person.
20. Medicated kind, with eucalyptus, for when I get a fever blister, or have a cold.
21. Ultra Conditioning, with kokum butter... whatever that is. This is the only one that rivals my love of the original. It's smooth and almost gloss-like.
22. With mango butter. Tasty.
23. With Passion Fruit and SPF 8. I guess since I have the Sugar lip stuff that's got SPF, I could get rid of this one.
24.And my MAC/Disney Villain love! This is Lipglass in Hot House, featuring the Evil Queen from Snow White. It's pink & sparkly. Try not to be too surprised.
25. Evil Queen again, with a pretty sheer brown lipstick in color Sinister
26. Cruella de Vil this time. Lipglass Wicked Ways. It should be bold red, but tends to lean more towards pink on my face
27. My favoritest of this line. Lipstick in Heartless. It's the classic red that everyone needs, but this is the one that works with my skin. I love it. It goes on smoothly and lasts pretty well through a meal, so I will cry when it is gone.
28. Maleficent! My favorite Disney Villain! This Lipglass is called Wrong Spell. It's a dark brown that I never thought I would wear, and yet, I wear it the most of the three because while it is quite dramatic when I first put it on, it fades to a very nice neutrally brown after just a few minutes.
29. Then there's Violetta, my Maleficent lipstick. It's purple. Really. But strangely, not in a scary way. I thought I wouldn't like it on me, but it's a pretty purple pink on my face... kind of orchid like.

Now, here's the surprising (at least to me) part: my purse isn't all that big. It's not small by any means since I like to have a book that I can comfortably stuff a paperback into at any given moment, but it's not huge. Here it is, pictured next to my reusable coffee cup for scale reference. For all it's not-super-bigness, it is quite heavy. Imagine what a weight off my shoulders it would be if I could just give up all that makeup! Not gonna happen...


Julie Short said...

So what get's me about my whole makeup tossing episode is that for as much as I love makeup, I don't wear a lot of it. (Not saying you do) To the point that I don't even carry makeup in my purse. If I do it's just powder, lipstick and some form of chap stick. That is why it didn't make sense for me to have so much in my possession. What I love about this post is that you are unapologetic about the fact you have a ton of makeup and you love it all.

Deja Dowling said...

Yaaaay makeup!! My 3 makeup ESSENTIALS are High Brow (it's weirdly the best undereye concealer I've ever used), Brow Box, and lip gloss. If I have those 3 things on, I can leave the house without being likely to frighten strangers. I don't pack nearly as much makeup around with me as I used to, though (mostly because I've started forcing myself to get up early enough to put on my makeup BEFORE work instead of AT work!). BTW, have you ever tried the UD Makeup Setting Spray?

LEBean said...

I have tried the All-Nighter spray while out at Faire--seriously, I need makeup that withstands 100+ degree temps for 10 hours, sweat, rain, eating, crying, the whole nine yards, so my "every day" makeup also tends to be pretty hardcore. I liked the FEEL of the spray when putting it on. It was hot and sticky outside, so putting a cooling mist on my face felt good. I can't say I really noticed much of a difference in my make-up at the end of the day, but I keep using it because it feels nice! I mean, my makeup was all still THERE, so it’s probably doing its job and I just never noticed if my makeup wasn’t there at the end of the day. Eyes & lips are the only things I really pay attention to. Thankfully, for now, I can do without much in the way of foundation/concealer most days. Except on my eyes. I’ve had a nice matching set of purple bags under my eyes since I hit puberty… I will TOTALLY be trying my High Brow stuff there!

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