Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunshine Nursery

So, back when we bought this house, I decided that I wanted the extra bedroom to be yellow. I'm not really much of a yellow person, but I wanted a sunshine room--the antidote to my husband's need for a cave-like existence. So I painted one room a pretty, creamy yellow and trimmed it in marigold.

That room is now "the nursery" which is still pretty weird for me to say. Anyway, it's not too fancy. We don't have a crib set up yet, since my niece is still using it, and our cradle is still in the "some assembly required" stage (did I mention that my dad is making it? Like, from scratch? Because he is. And it's beautiful. Well, the wood pieces are beautiful. As soon as it's put together, I'll show you pictures), but here's what we've got going so far, for those of you who care about such things.
This is the view over the changing table. I had way too much fun putting up these little decals
The giraffe light switch face plate

Hippo & Giraffe

This is the corner where the glider sits, upon which is sitting my nursing pillow, a quilt from KRho's mom (made with squares from some of KRho's old sheets/curtains/pajamas from when she was a baby) and a beautiful Victorian picture from our dear friends keeping watch over the spot

The Elephant night-light (and the fabulous edge of the lovely curtains)

This picture frame from Freckle's Aunt B is just waiting for her first photo. Also, for us to give her a name, so Aunt B can go buy the rest of the letters to go with the W.

the unexciting rug, but you know, it's part of the room

For Valentine's Day, J's office had a "make a valentine" contest, and so I put my scrapbooking skills to use.

This quote actually came from a page from Freckle's baby scrapbook. The page was lovingly made by her Aunt B as part of my shower gift. 

So, there you have it. That's what we've got so far!

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