Friday, March 30, 2012

A Picture worth a thousand words

So did I tell you that I actually did some maternity photos? I did. My friend Scott likes to work with still-life shots most of the time. He has an amazing eye, and talent, and cool equipment. You can check out the stuff that he's done here. A month or so ago, I went to spend the day playing dress up with his wife. She wanted some headshots for some stuff and like all smart women everywhere, called upon her friends with the skills of "make it look good." Leah was there for make-up, I for hair, and B for accessories. We used Dana as our personal Barbie and dressed her every-which-way and Scott took lots of pictures. Then I made him take a picture of me. And J's guitar.

See, I found this picture on Pinterest:
Photo from Jenna Nelson Photography
And at the end of the day, Scott came up with this:
See it on his site here
 Then, he got even more awesome, flipped it around, and did this!
I love that picture so very, very much. It's more perfect than I could have imagined. So... I got brave, and contacted my friend Bob, who like Scott, has an amazing eye, talent and cool toys. Unlike Scott, Bob LIKES taking pictures of people's faces. Those pictures are still in the works (it takes a lot of post-production work to make me look good people. Trust me on this!), but I actually had fun doing it. I was braver than I thought I would be, and Bob & his lovely wife and adorable daughters were there with me, so I felt totally at home and comfortable. Also, his two girls (ages 5 & 3...holy moly!) got out THEIR cameras to take pictures of me too. I felt like such a rock star. A giant, pasty, rock star.


PinkieBling said...

GORGEOUS!! Are you going to frame that last one? I love it so much! Can't wait to see the face pictures, too.

beylit said...

Awesome shot, and great choices in photographers.

Elsha said...

Love it!

Jill said...

Linnea, I've recently discovered your blog via link from fb... and I love reading it! Maybe because I'm prego, too, or maybe because I knew you once and it's kind of like getting reacquainted with your fabulous heart. :) Anyway, it's good to hear about you. I look forward to seeing your little one's face!

Jessica said...

Those pictures are amazing. You're making me disappointed I already have two pregnancies behind me, since it means two opportunities for pictures like that gone!

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