Friday, September 7, 2012

5 months

I know, I know, she keeps growing! One of these days I'll think to myself, "Finally! She's x old." Which, to be honest, I have thought. 2 weeks was a big milestone in my mind. So was 2 months, and 6 months seems tha way too. But for now, I find it hard to believe that she's grown so much, and also that she hasn't always been this way.

The Vitals:
16lb 8oz
25 inches
She's starting to enlongate but she continues to enchubben faster. She's almost reached the magical "double her birth weight" which means...something.

Her first cold
Her first road trip
Her first funeral
New furniture
Real food

Sitting up (for almost a whole minute at a time!)
rolling over (both ways, but this is a fun time-lapse sort of thing, same onesie, look how she's enchubbened!)

blowing raspberries (well, she's done it twice, so I'm counting it)
Shoveling food into her face

Works in Progress:
locomotion--while she can roll both ways, she hasn't yet figured out that if she just keeps rolling one way she could go places

She likes:
Food. All food. ALL FOOD she can get her hands on
Her whatsit toy
The inchworm
Sophie, the ubiquitous chew giraffe
Singing. I know, it sounds crazy, but she's found her upper register. She has a falsetto voice she uses now. It's adorable.
Belly rubs
Whisker kisses

She dislikes:
The Blue Bulb of DOOM (snot-sucker)
the shower head sprayer (which is necessary after giving her food, because while she can get it to her face, her accuracy on getting it in her mouth is still iffy)

I like:
Her tiny fingers and toes
The feeling of triumph that comes after I sucessfully soothe her
Knowing what's wrong and how to fix it (sadly, this happens a lot less frequently than I would like)
2 hour naps
Watching her discover things--mostly toys and food at this point, but she is becoming interested in the pets as well

I dislike:
Snot-nosed babies. Baby colds are gross.

Obviously the big story this month is starting solids. Yes, it's sooner than the WHO recommended 6 months, but this kid was ready. She gets so excited when we put her in her high chair. She's grabbing for everything on our plates (and everywhere else for that matter) and chewing on anything she can get her hands on. So far she's only had veggies, but as soon as I can get to the grocery store, I'm going to try some fruits. We're trying baby led weaning, which is basically just letting her feed herself. With supervision, of course, and stuff that is easy for her to gum up and swallow. I didn't think she was actually ingesting anything--just playing and having a GREAT time--but turns out she did manage to get a little bit of carrot down the hatch. Also, broccoli is messy, FYI.


PinkieBling said...

"Enchubben" is my new favorite word. She is so freaking adorable - love her!

Barbara Boswell said...

Grandma J says "She's on a roll". Cute video. She looks happy.

Elsha said...

She's so adorable, I want to meet her in real life!

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