Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Family Resemblance

Three generations, one before me
In looking though photos my uncle is putting together for Granddad's memorial service, I am struck by family resemblance. I spent more time with my dad's family growing up because they were all within easy driving distance. My mom's sisters and parents were scattered across the country, and her brother all the way in Germany. I refer to them as the "rock-star" side of the family and because we saw them less, they were more special. It isn't fair and it isn't right, but that's the way it is to kids, right? Anyway, I still think of myself as a Boswell in many ways, but after looking through these pictures, I realize that there is more Jonte in me than I knew. And that's a great thing.
That is not actually a time-traveling Eleanor. That's me

All the kids together for Grandma's 90th birthday
Hats and white gloves! I can't even stand it
My mama and me
My mama, the proud graduate


beylit said...

It's funny how you never realize how much you look like your family. We were going through a bunch of old forgotten about pictures after my grandmother died, and mom pulled out one of her from high school to show me her hideous shag carpeting and so very 70's fashion sense, and I took one look at the picture and just gasped. She could have easily just handed me a picture of my 18 year old cousin Katie (moms niece from her sister). No one has ever thought that Katie looked like our side of the family, but instead that she took after her dad. That picture just proved us all wrong.

I have only started to look like my mom in the last five years or so. Before that I favored my father.

JMJ said...

Yep, there is a lot of family resemblance going on in those photos. I see also of your aunts in you / your photos as well. Hugs from Hamburg. Your loving rock star uncle, Dr. J.

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