Thursday, May 16, 2013

Party Tricks

So, most days when Eleanor is around, she spends her time doing tricks. She's learning so much that it seems there's always something new to show someone.

Things she does consistently--
Signs "please" and "milk" and "all done"
Turns on her sound-machine giraffe in the middle of the night to soothe herself
Dances when she hears music
Takes things out of containers and now puts them back in
Walk (though she still crawls some too)
Hooray! Arms: She throws both arms in the air when you say "Hooray!" (See above)

Things she does sometimes, when the mood strikes her--
Sign "Food"
Sing to her food, her toys, her feet
Takes a second nap*
Give kisses or hugs

Things she will not do, no matter how hard I try--
Stay still long enough for me to get a picture of her first freckle. It's behind  her right ear. It's adorable. It's... unphotographable.
Talk to anyone on the phone. She just looks at the picture on the screen and waves

*This nap thing is... stressful. She seems to NEED two naps a day, but frequently will only take one. She sleeps for about an hour and a half in the morning (and trying to push that nap back to a more afternoonish time has been wholly unsuccesful) and then get fussy, sleepy at normal afternoon nap time, only to spend 90 minutes fussing, not sleeping. Then she get us, plays, has dinner, bath, bottle, and sleeps soundly for 12 hours... so, you know... it's not all bad, just... stressful.

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Jenny Glinka said...

Oh, so sweet! She has gotten so big! Nap problems are so frustrating. I hope she is back on schedule for you by now.

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