Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've never been asked by anyone if I wanted to marry them... just ask my husband

So, tomorrow, it will be four years since we said "I do" and danced & ate cake with lots of our friends and I got to wear a beautiful dress and generally had a good time.  So... I thought this the perfect opportunity to tell you how I killed romance.  Killed it dead.  And maybe danced on its corpse.

You see, to put things into a little better perspective before I get into the good stuff, here are the facts, as they stood early morning, May 1, 2005:

  • Jeremy & I were dating (this is very important)
  • We had talked about getting married some day (this also, pretty important)
  • My parents, who at the time lived in California, were visiting Dallas for the weekend to see my brother, his wife, and me perform at Scarborough
  • Jeremy & I carpool down to the festival with my former roommate Paula
  • I didn't want a proposal that was a) in public or 2) at Faire.
Saturday, sometime after Faire or maybe before... in my head this brief conversation happens in a parking lot, and perhaps while loading or unloading Jeremy's car:

He: So, when can I get some time to spend with just you?
Me: After my parents go back home.
He: Really?  Can I have some time maybe Monday evening?
Me: Nope, spending time with my folks.  After all, they're only here for a few days.  You get to see me all the time, I don't get to see them.
He: uh...ok...

So, on Sunday, my folks are out visiting, and everything is great.  I'm having a wonderful day.  I show them my favorite shops, and this cute new one that was making the most adorable hand-carved wooden utensils.  Jeremy gave me flowers and we danced.  It was a great day!  Then on the drive home, Jeremy, Paula & I did our normal end-of-the-day questions.  Originally the questions were to help keep Jeremy awake while driving home, so Paula & I did most of the talking.  This day however, seemed different. 
Paula & I had very short answers, so we turned & asked Jeremy to answer.  It went a little something like this:

Me: So, what was the highlight of your day?
He: um... I can't tell you right now.
Me: oh, well... ok (thinking, it must be something ├╝ber-personal he doesn't want to say in front of Paula, I'll ask when we're alone). So, what was the low point of your day?
He: well... I can't tell you that right now either.
Me: really?  alright, so... Did you learn anything today?
He: Yeah, I learned...oh...can't say that either.
Me: Ok fine, well... nevermind then. If you think of anything you can tell us, just be sure you let us know.  (Thinking he was being weird & evasive & I couldn't imagine what thing could have happened that was so personal & so good, bad & instructive that he couldn't share with Paula around, but I'd just wait it out).

Now, the drive from Faire site to our home is a little over 45 minutes.  Once we arrived home, we let Paula out on her side of the apartment complex, then drove around to our side. The night was perfect!  A full moon, lots of stars (which in Dallas just really means that I could see stars), I had these beautiful flowers Jeremy had given me.  We got out of the car, and Jeremy came around to my side and reached for my hand, all romantic-like.

So what did I do in response to this onslaught of movie-perfect romance?  What I usually do after a long car ride.  I said, "No man, I gotta pee!" and hightailed it inside.

Not my proudest moment, but then the relentless 5-year  old in me kicked in.  We were only stopping at my house to change & stuff before heading out to meet my parents, my brother & his wife for dinner.  So while I'm in the bedroom changing, I call out to Jeremy in the living room.

Me: So, tell me about the best part of your day now!
He: Oh, well... it, uh...kind of needs a prop
Me (clueless as ever): Ok, well gimme a second to finish getting dressed and I'll be right out & you can tell me.
He: But I left the prop in my car...
Me (still clueless): That's ok!  You go get it from you car & I'll meet you in my car & I'll drive to the restaurant.

See what I'm doing here?  Without even realizing it, I'm removing all the smooth, grace & romance from this situation.  Such a clueless human...

So there we are, in my car.  Before I can start the engine, Jeremy starts talking, saying sweet things.  He tells me he loves me, and how much he enjoys spending time with me, and how his life is better, blah blah blah (I don't remember it all, but it was all very sweet and wonderful).  And then this:

He: I want to marry you.
Me: I know.

He (fumbling in pocket): No, really. I want to marry you. (holds out black ring-sized box)

Me: oh..... okay

Then there was a kiss, some tears, a really awkward car-hug, and then I said, "So... can I look at the ring now?"

Yep, essence of grace, love, and romance, I tell ya!  That's me!  That's our love story--mostly awkward with giggling & bad timing.  But it works!

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Shannon Hopps said...

Yes, it does work and you're a wonderful wife! Love my Welches.

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