Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Socially Acceptable Human

Everyone has a particular set of rules by which they live, and a set of standards that they use to measure whether or not they are successful.  If you're very lucky, the two match up and you pass the test and can stand to look at yourself in the mirror.  These lists aren't really either of those things, but more some stuff that rattles around my brain when I'm doing stuff instead of other things I could be doing.

Things I think I should do all the time but hardly ever remember to do more than two days in a row after I remember that I should do them all the time because while I want to do them, I don't want to do them as much as I want to do other things, or at least that's what I tell myself because I can't think of any other reason that I don't do the things I want to do... because if I really wanted to do them, I would just do them, right?:

  • wear sunscreen daily 
  • put on eye-cream 
  • buy (organic) (fresh) produce 
  • cook healthy meals for my family
  • recycle stuff
  • research local government 
  • find out what’s going on in my community 
  • care about national politics 
  • read/watch the news
  • learn useful crafts & hobbies, or intelligent dialogue-type fodder
  • call my grandparents/aunts/cousins/college friends 
  • send birthday cards or that little Christmas/end of year wrap-up letter
  • exercise 
  • invite my friends to do stuff with me
  • keeping my house "company ready"
  • eat enough fiber/vegetables/foods that don't come out of a box
  • take a multi-vitamin 
  • send thank you cards
  • pray for people I don't know
  • drink water
  • have a real hairstyle like a grown-up
  • find a career/something to "be when I grow up"

Things I do remember to do all the time that more people should give me credit for because some of them take more effort than I generally feel like exerting and some just come naturally, and really, while I'd like to always be getting better, I'd like it if people liked me for where I am in the process, and not just the end results, because then they'd have to wait until the day I died to like me and that seems like an awful waste of time:

  • use turn signals
  • wear clothes
  • feed my cats
  • eat foods with little to no nutritional value other than my daily recommended dose of sodium and fat in one serving
  • sleep with more pillows than strictly necessary
  • make spaghetti sauce that's not out of a jar
  • color with crayons/markers/colored pencils/highlighters whenever I feel like it
  • start projects with grand sweeping scale
  • make lists
  • bring hostess gifts
  • be moderately punctual
  • know how to get places, give semi-helpful directions, and navigate new places with some degree of certainty
  • design things in my head
  • understand enough of computers to be moderately helpful
  • pray for people I do know
  • clean out my closet & give clothes away
  • do hair & make-up fairly well
  • learn new stuff about things I love, like improvisational acting, street theater, singing, scrapbooking & God
  • follow 75% of a recipe
  • think up letters to my friends, sometimes even going so far as to write them... with pens & everything (not sending them though... that's just not likely to happen)
  • tell stories with multiple tangents, no real point or conclusion, and often inappropriate giggling
  • hear hilarious and bizarre things that my friends didn't really say
  • create euphemisms
  • spout trivia without prompting
  • maintain a firm grasp on the definition and connotation of semi-obscure words while past the point of reasonable sobriety

In all honesty, it's almost a well balanced life, which astrologically speaking is interesting since Libras tend so frequently to be unbalanced, the irony of being "The Scales." An honestly, what woman wants her sign to be the scales?  It's the only inanimate object in the entire zodiac.  I'm telling you, Libra's get the short end of the stick! That point aside, the real point is this--I do stuff, make ends meet (which for a very long time, I thought was "make end's meat" as in a sort of "bring home the bacon" type phrase...), have friends, and sometimes go places. I enjoy life.  I learn new things.  I evaluate myself and my thoughts to make sure I'm not stagnant and surround myself with people who challenge & encourage me so I can be the best me, and love me when I fail to be the best me.  That's the point.  That's life, and I like that.

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