Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Honey... where's the ______?

My husband hates it when I "pick up" because I move things that he knew the location of (the middle of the floor, on the counter, under the couch) and put them in other places that he doesn't know because he wasn't there and I won't remember in more than 5 minutes.

So, with that information, I present this e-mail conversation, circa yesterday:

Him: We didn't actually buy a wet-vac...
Me: We did to buy a wet vac... at the very end!  Didn't we?
Him: Nope. If we did, where'd it go?
Me: in the garage... with all the other stuff... the little red thing...
Him: Little red thing? What little red thing? Surely not the leafblower...
Me: No no no, looks like a bucket with a black lid... you know... like a wet vac...
Him: I have NO clue what you're talking about.
Me: This is what a wet vac looks like:

Him: I know what a wet-vac looks like.  I have no clue what, in our house, you think is a wet-vac. Where in the garage do you think this mystery sucker is?
Me: somewhere... under some stuff... maybe near the back...
Him: Define 'back'.
Me: where the door is... the garage door, not the... garage door.  Away from the house.
Him: I present to you, some things from our garage which are red...

While it has both the 'is a container' and 'nozzle' portions down pat, I think that this is an impostor at best.

Container, yes. Red, yes. Capable of holding wet things? Only once.

Nope. Not a wet-vac.

This gets full 'impostor' credit. Red? Check. Nozzle? Check. Sucks? Check. 'Vac' in the name? Check! But alas, this is our leaf-blower.

Him: So yeah, still no clue what you think is a wet-vac from our garage.
Me: You made me laugh out loud at work!
Him: Glad to be a source of inspiration. Now what the heck do you think is a wet-vac?
Me: I remember you using a wet-vac at the other house... I remember it. I know we fought about buying one a lot, and then you did! You went out, spent like $60, got a wet-vac, we used it twice, then moved... we bought it, it lived in the garage, and when we moved it, it went right into the garage again... somewhere... Him: Nope - never bought one. We may have borrowed Mom's once, but we never owned one.
Me: but...but...but you used it!  I remember!!
Him: Your rememberizer is broked

Anyway, I still think we bought a wet-vac once upon a time.  I'm sure I remember him using it... so it must be somewhere...right?  Or maybe my rememberizer is broked...

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JWelch said...

You still have yet to show me a viable wet-vac. I claim victory.

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