Thursday, May 5, 2011

Syncopated Synapses

Alright, so this isn't going to be one of those posts where I tell you all about the weird dream I had last night, but I am going to talk about my weird dreams in general. Last night wasn't sufficiently weird or representative to justify regaling you with the tale of a Thanksgiving dinner gone awry and a trip to my old high school that had replaced all the doors with 70's flower patterned sliding panels. My husband is the only one upon whom I inflict the retelling and sometimes reenactment of my bizarre brain's picture shows.

My remembering of my dreams seems to happen sort of sporadically. There are periods (such as now) where I remember most of my dreams for several months at a time. I can start to see themes and attach the dream things to real life events. Other times, I go a similarly long stretch of months without remembering a thing. I'm sure if I kept track of my sleep patterns a reasonable and logical connection would be made, but that smacks of effort.

In this particular bout of dream-remembering, I seem to be incorporating people I barely know as main characters. A few nights ago my friend-of-a-friend who lives in New York showed up 10+ years younger, with a cute little chin-length bob to visit her grandmother, who for some reason was living in the house that earlier in the dream had been a pawn shop that I was taking over from my aunt. Last night it was someone whose name I don't even know, but whom I happen to run into somewhat frequently out at Faire. He showed up with a dramatic new haircut as well, and more tattoos than he has in real life--to the best of my limited knowledge.

I'm sure that new hairstyles has some sort of symbolic meaning and is hinting at something I should be paying attention to, like the nail biting that happened a few nights back. I don't usually try to deconstruct my dreams for hidden meanings and symbols. I know people who are pretty good at that sort of thing though. Dreaming in and of itself is just such a big mystery, and I guess I kind of like it that way.

Some dreams are so blatantly obvious in their meaning that it's sort of funny--although I'm sure there are layers and layers of subtext that aren't obvious. For example, recently I dreamed that a friend who is in the real world known for being somewhat stubborn about change... this sentence is getting long and awkward. Let me start over. Stubborn friend was pregnant in my dream--having contractions and refusing to either push or go to the hospital, saying that the baby would be born if it was supposed to be born, but she wasn't going to interfere. See? Obvious! There's a difference between interfering and helping... although trying to explain that particular bit of wisdom to my cats has been so far unsuccessful. Anyway, that's the point I've been trying to make to Stubborn Friend for a while now, but hadn't been able to put into the right words... thank you, brain, for sorting that out for me. Now, there were other parts of that dream, other pregnant friends and a strange roadside setting that may or may not have meaning that I can decipher. But I think at least that one time, I got the gist of it.

Gist. Where does that word come from? If I were in the habit of calling in to radio shows, I suppose I could ask the folks on "A Way With Words." I am, however, not in the habit of calling radio shows, or stations, or djs in general. I don't know why. I've done it before... twice if I recall correctly. And I was a dj for several years--it was required to get my degree-- a bachelor of Journalism in Radio/Television Broadcast... yeah, see how I'm using those skills now! And just think, in only 18 more months, I'll have my student loan paid off... 10 years after graduation.

Now that I've rambled off topic, allow me to sum up thusly*: Dream are weird and I have weird dreams sometimes.

See, if I just summed everything up, this blog would be a whole lot shorter...

*"thusly" is a word that is fun to say and type... I'm not quite sure why

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