Monday, June 27, 2011

This was harder than I anticipated

So, sticking to my own rules for closet purging turned out the be quite a challenge. I did pretty well with the sock drawer. After pulling all the socks out and putting them in pairs, I did a really good job at getting rid of pairs that I don't like, don't wear or didn't have mates. I still wound up with enough purple socks to completely cover the bottom of a 3' wide dresser drawer:
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I started with the best intentions, but when confronted with actual clothing, my resolve began to waver. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to be firm. I wound up having a lot of conversations (with myself) that went like this:

Self: Oh! I love this shirt! I'm totally keeping it!
Me: When was the last time you wore it?
Self: Um... I think in 2003. But the memories! Man, do you remember that one time at the Bricktop? The guy? The "on a plate with biscuits" guy? That's this shirt!!
Me: Yes, but when did you wear it last? Has it even seen Texas at all?
Self: I've put it on a couple of times.
Me: Have you worn it out of the house?
Self: No... I always seem to change my mind at the last minute.
Me: Give it up.
Self: Are you crazy?!?
Me: Follow your own rules! If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it!
Self: But I will wear it! I know I will. I love this shirt. It's amazing, and I don't own anything like it. It's not like it's just another t-shirt or anything.
Me: I let it slide for the past 2 clothing swaps, I am putting my foot down. You've got to get rid of it.
Self: but...but...but...
Me: No "but"s! Just do it. Put it in the "donate" pile.
Self: *sigh* fine. But I don't like it.
Me: You don't have to like it. Someone else will give it a good home, I promise!
Self: Ok. What's next?
Me: An entire drawer full of tank tops.
Self: No problem! I can cut that in half, easy!
Me: Great! How about this one?
Self: No, that's a good staple to have around, a basic and essential wardrobe item.
Me: When was the last time you wore it?
Self: ...I... put it on a few times last year...
Me: And how did you feel when you put it on?
Self: ...fat and ugly...
Me: So why is it still here?
Self: Because it's so pretty!
Me: Do you feel pretty when you wear it?
Self: think I will feel pretty when I see it. Does that count?
Me: No! Get rid of it!

So yeah, there was a lot of... deliberation. In the end I did a pretty good job of removing most of the clothes that made me feel fat or frumpy. It was hard. Lots of things look great on the hanger and just... don't make me feel good when I'm wearing them. Those were the hardest to get rid of. The good news is I did manage to clear out basically 2 entire drawers, 1 shelf and 3' of closet space. What's scary (to me) is I'm pretty sure I did the same thing last year, only I don't remember buying that much clothing between now and then. And some of these things I've had for years, so I know I didn't follow all my rules last year. I think this is progress!

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