Thursday, April 7, 2011

Musical Cosmetics

It should be no surprise to anyone, anywhere that I like make up. I do. My husband might spend 82% of his allowance on Chipotle every month, but if I'm not careful, I can spend 110% of mine in one trip to Sephora.

Long ago, I decided that my dream job was being the person who names colors. I wanted to work for Crayola and all the cosmetics companies, because I'm fairly sure they don't really know what color lilac or lavender is because they keep mistakenly labeling things that fall firmly in the mauve-to-fuchsia range as "Lovely Lilac" or "Frosted Lavender." Seriously people... get with the program!

Some of my favorite make up ever is from Urban Decay. I love them because they have bold, highly pigmented colors (like Make Up Forever and M.A.C.), pretty packaging (unlike Make Up Forever and M.A.C.) and fabulously creative names (like M.A.C., unlike Make Up Forever). I recently received this as a gift from my husband.
look at all the colors!
It's an amazing set of 15 eyeliners with beautiful names like Bourbon, Ransom, Asphyxia, Rockstar and Uzi. Those are names that I love... I have glitter gel eyeliners, also Urban Decay, called Distortion and Spandex. So, there is this beautiful blend of wild colors, wild packaging and wild names. I won't lie--I make a bee-line for the Urban Decay counter every time I set foot in Sephora. I rarely buy stuff, because it takes a lot for me to justify some of the colors that I love (where am I going to wear lime green sparkly eye shadow?*), but I always ogle their products.

Anyway, the other day as I was driving and listening to my music at a possibly ridiculous volume with my sunroof open, which never happens because I kind of loathe being in direct sunlight, I was struck by an idea. (And it hurt!)

I should combine my love of make up with my love of music and throw caution and copyright protection out the window to create my own line of musical make up. Not make up that sings or anything, but is named after my favorite songs, lyrics, albums, bands, instruments, etc. Then I spent the rest of my drive flipping around songs on my iPod thinking up what would make good make up names. This is what I've got so far, and I think this is a dream that will keep me happily entertained for years! It's so much fun trying to figure out the perfect color and application for everything. Feel free to share your favorite band/song/lyric that you'd like to put on your face in the comments!

Achtung Baby--silver glitter eye shadow
Supermassive Black Hole--Classic black eyeliner
Subterranian Homesick Alien--pale green eyeliner
Transatlanticism--rich blue cream eye liner
Get Over It--anti-everything cleanser (for wrinkles & acne & dry skin & oily skin & whatever else)
Again I Go Unnoticed--fabulous, hardworking, all-day concealer
Sha-Sha--warm golden beige eyeshadow
1,000 Stories--rich red-black lipstick
Star Turtle--mossy green eyeshadow
Like A Feather--light, all-day SPF moisturizer
Helter Skelter--dark red-brown lipstick
Electric Pink--sweet pink blush
Barracuda-- black eyeliner with silver flecks
Gimme Gimme Gimme--candy pink lip gloss
Too Funky--Royal purple sparkly eyeshadow
Tainted Love--blue-black eyeshadow
Another Innocent Girl--pale pink "all over" face powder
Age Six Racer--Waterproof mascara
Get it Faster--quick drying nail polish in RED
Neon Tom--bright pink lip gloss

Seriously, I could just keep going, but I'll stop here and go grab breakfast!

*Turns out, I wore it on Mardi Gras

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