Monday, March 26, 2012

It Pours


39 weeks (tomorrow) and still pregnant. I'll think about taking a picture tomorrow.

Here's the awesome news-
J got promoted at work. It's the position he's wanted to move into for a while now. It's a step in the right direction on his career path. There is more money with this job and a greater opportunity for J to work from home--both awesome things with the loss of my income and an impending baby. The ONLY downside is leaving the team-lead he's been working for the past 3 years, who is wonderful, understanding, and meshes with J's personality perfectly. Oh, also, he was supposed to start his new roles & responsibilities today. (Spoiler alert: he didn't)

Here's the not-so-awesome news-
J is getting a wisdom tooth taken out tomorrow. A wisdom tooth that is completely sideways and so deep in the bone that permanent nerve damage is considered "likely." Thankfully it's just a feeling nerve, not a motor nerve, so it's just permanent numbness on one half of his lower lip & jaw, no loss of speech or motor function. Still, for a singer, that's a scary thing.  They'll do a bone graft too because apparently there's been enough bone loss already that his other molar tooth is in danger. Yes. We found all this out today. He's been home since Friday, on some heavy-duty pain medication, and pretty much as miserable as I've ever seen him. Also, did I mention that I'll be 39 wks pregnant and at my OB appointment while he's having this tooth ripped from his skull? Oh, and that opening weekend of Scarborough Faire is next weekend? Tomorrow will be his 2nd to last rehearsal with his band, including a brand new member they're trying to bring up to speed to help cover J's parts while he's out helping me with a baby, and possible in Canada for 2 weeks in early May training for this promotion thingy. Yeah. Best timing ever, right?

The good thing is his family is very near, so his mom is going to step in and take him to the appointment (and hopefully I'll be able to pick him up from the appointment). My parents also being very near are available should anything crazy happen at my appointment. I don't expect craziness. I haven't even had enough Braxton-Hicks contractions to be sure I know what contractions are like and fully anticipate being completely clueless when labor starts. Which, more than ever, I'm hoping doesn't happen until April. J's recovery time is conservatively estimated at 7-10 days. With a due date 8 days away, a baby a few days late doesn't sound so bad right now.

Please be praying for us. Insurance is covering 80% of the extraction, which is good, but none of the anesthesia or bone graft. Thank God we filled up our flex spending account for this year, so we're still covered. We're hoping the surgery goes as smoothly as possible, but this tooth man... this tooth is in the worst possible place. I pray my husband's amazing healing powers kick in and he's back up & running (or in his case, singing & dancing) as soon as possible. Also, that I stay pregnant as long as possible to keep from adding even more complications into the mix.

Weeeee! Gonna be a fun week!


PinkieBling said...

Holy whoa! Well, first off, congratulations to J on his promotion, and to you on currently remaining pregnant.

So sorry about his tooth trouble, though! I had some crazy widsom teeth (7.5 of them! impacted in the jaw!), but NOTHING like what he's going through. I hope it's all resolved soon, with a minimum of hassle, and that you're able to keep that baby indoors, as it were, until then!

Jenn said...

Wow, that is a lot.

Congrats on the promotion, it's good to see God providing. Hopefully all times well with His recovery and your labor (and recovery).

At all sounds so crazy now, but within 3 weeks his recovery should be done and you will {presumably} have a little babies in your arms, and the last few weeks will feel a blur!

I will continue to pray that your labor & delivery go as smooth and safe as possible!


Elsha said...

Congrats on the promotion!

I hope the tooth extraction goes well and that he recovers quickly! Also, I'll be hoping the baby waits a few extra days to get here.

Erin King said...


Erin King said...

How is it that his dentist is only just now finding this tooth? I had my wisdom teeth out at 15. I assume J is somewhat older than that ... I feel like they should have seen this tooth before now.

That was not at all a helpful comment, so here's the helpful part: No matter how much he complains about his tooth hurting, you get to remind him that sometime in the next two weeks or so, you will be pushing a BABY out of your LADY PARTS. That totally trumps tooth pain. (I do hope he has an easy and quick recovery, with minimal pain or complaining, but if the complaining starts up, you hold the trump card!)

Erica said...

I'm sending all my calm and stress-free vibes your way!

MegglesP said...

Gah, tooth pain is up there with some of the worst pains ever. I have yet to have a baby, so I'll reserve spot #1 for that, just as a default. Wishing you guys both some good luck!

kookykrys said...

Congrats to J! And I hope his tooth surgery goes completely smoothly.

As for the bebe... Will it make you feel any better to know that the true statistical average term date for caucasian females for first pregnancies is actually 41.5 weeks? Also, drink tons of water. Dehydration is a common cause of early labor. Now, once this has past, I highly recommend tons of walking to get your labor going ;)

Lastly, don't let Braxton Hicks bother you - they don't mean much, but you probably already know that.

So, don't stress, mama! Everything will be just fine. Just hang in there!

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