Monday, March 12, 2012

Oh Sofa

I'm having a love affair with my couch. Every night between 2:30 and 4 (which is sort of morning, but not really) I leave my warm, cozy bed and my warm, cozy husband and head out to my cold, leather couch.

It's mostly because after my mid-night wake up, I have a hard time getting re-comfortable and rather than toss and turn and feel resentful of my peacefully sleeping husband, I relocate. The elusive combination of top half elevated enough to keep the heartburn at bay, but horizontal enough to keep my spine from protesting, plus the absolute no-touching of the skin of either leg to the skin of the other leg, plus temperature and cat placement is... well, elusive.

It should be noted that my dear, sweet husband has many, many times offered to be the one to leave the bed and be exiled to the couch. Some nights, he's gone there straight away to leave me the whole bed to flop about it. But mostly, it just makes more sense (and takes less time) if I move (instead of having to poke, prod and cajole him out of his deep sleep).

The change of scenery usually helps me get back to sleep prretty quickly, and if it doesn't then I'm not disturbing anyone but the animals, and they sleep all day anyway, so I don't care. Also, my couch is awesomely comfy for the sleeping. I build a nice little cocoon of blankets and pillows and the angle of the arms is a great base for the necessary anti-heartburn propping I have to do (though I should say, and probably jinx it, that for the past 3 nights, I have had to use ZERO tums to sleep, which is a vast improvement. Hooray). It's nice and cool, so when I get too hot I can stick my foot in between the cushions and cool off. Of course, if I'm comfortably warm and the blankets happen to slip, I do get quite the shock when the couch touches me.

But thanks to the cat-attracting blanket, that's rarely a problem. This blanket is magical. It's ugly, and I got it for free at Dots a couple of Christmases ago, but we just recently discovered the power it holds over our felines. Wherever the blanket is, there shall be cats. All 3 cats will even consent to SHARE the blanket, which really is magic!

All in all, it's really a great arrangement. 


Natalie Kemp said...

I wish you were getting more sleep! Heartburn is evil! My aunt gave me a wedge pillow to sleep on. And I keep the tums close by my bed! I relocate too in the middle of the night, usually to have a bowl of cereal of a Clif bar.

PinkieBling said...

I've had a love affair with my couch, too. I've taken many an extended nap on it, and moving to it when I can't sleep usually does the trick. Lately, though, it has turned on me. It's straight up KILLING my lower back, and if I try to sleep on it all, I pay the price.

Cute kitties!!

Swistle said...

I had a fling with my recliner while pregnant. The slight head-elevation. The all-by-myselfness. The cat element. The change of scenery.

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