Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 months

Where does the time go? My baby is officially an infant!

The Vitals:
13 lb 1oz
24.5 inches (I think. She's a bit squirmy these days)

4th of July brought a couple of fun firsts. Her first sunglasses. Her first bathing suit. Her first dip in the hot tub (which was only heated to 98.)

Holding her head up. She's a bit wobbly when being picked up from lying down, but I'm calling it.
Babbling. I know she's just making random sounds, but trying to make out words is only human, right? She frequently makes noises that sound like "hello" and "Ella".

Works in Progress
Grabbing things. She can do it, but it's 50% luck rather than skill at this point. It is fascinating to see her trying though. She does want to put everything in her mouth, which is no surprise.
She shows no interest in rolling over yet
She does, however, want to sit up. She cannot do it unassisted in any way, but she wants to.

She likes
She loves her playmat and will kick and grab at the dangling toys.
The baby in the mirror
Motion, motion, motion-especially her cradle, the rocking chair, and the stroller
Rattles and soft crinkly things
Other babies

She dislikes
Getting out of the bath
Napping alone
Being hungry (she has hit her 3mo growth spurt like clockwork)

I like
Napping with her (see how that works out)
Making her laugh
Tiny shoes that perfectly match her outfit
The smell of the top of her head
That she has my toes (and for now, still her daddy's blue eyes)

I dislike
Plugged ducts

When nursing is going well, I actually enjoy it. Not just for the health benefits for us both, or the cost effectiveness. I like the closeness and the snuggles. This month has been really good. Just one rough day that reminded me not to take for granted how good things have been.

She had a very brief bout of reflux that has passed. She's back to sleeping for about 6 hrs when we put her down for the night, usually around 10. It's the only thing close to routine that we have. The days are still sort of a mystery. Mornings are usually better than evenings, but nothing I would bet money on. She has spent one night in the nursery. I hated it, but I think she did fine.

All in all, it was a good month. Tomorrow we're going to have fancy pictures taken. Giraffe socks. That's all I'm saying.


Shannon said...

*sigh* What a gorgeous little girl! Love your updates!!

JMJ said...

Giraffe Socks Rock!

Elsha said...

The matching shoes and onesie! I die!

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