Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vocabulary of Motherhood-Bean Style

squnch, stage 1
Squnchler: (n) One who squnches

Squnch: (v) To curl up like a pill bug, to snuggle down, or snuggle up to someone or something

Snerk: (n) A wet hiccuppy cry made by a fussy baby that signals the onset of true crying, discomfort, rage, or general dissatisfaction, yet is none of those things. A forewarning.

Slug: (v) to swaddle the baby, thus turning her into a larva/slug-type thing.
(n) a swaddled baby, usually expressed with a descriptive modifier for the type of blanket used. ie: a giraffe slug

The giraffe slug
To "get a new booty": phrase used for diaper changes, implying the changing of a dirty butt into a clean butt

Tooter: (n) one who toots, not to be confused with a Tudor, like Henry VIII, or a tutor.

"Squiggle and worm": Spoonerism for wigggle and squirm, quite apt as this modle of baby moves in her sleep in an inchworm type fashion, typically coming to rest at a 90 degree angle from how she was laid down

Strangely this list is mostly s words. I would say that I spend the majority of my time saying b words though. Boob, boobies, booty, butt, bonk, bubbles, baby, bring me that thing from over there that I can't reach because I'm trapped beneath a baby.

That's baby talk in this house.


Temerity Jane said...

We call the new diaper "getting a fresh butt," or, if asking, "may I freshen your butt?"

Elsha said...

I still ask Will if he wants to "get a clean butt" when he needs a diaper change. And he's 2 1/2.

Elise said...

You forgot about "ooching." Though it did not originate in the Bean house, it is still commonly used. ;)

Erica Huff said...

We are big on "squiggles" here.

Ncgrider said...

Love seeing Bean on Parade! Give Eleanor a kiss from Aunt Rhonda.

Doing My Best said...

She is so adorable!!

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