Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vocabulary of Motherhood-Bean Style

squnch, stage 1
Squnchler: (n) One who squnches

Squnch: (v) To curl up like a pill bug, to snuggle down, or snuggle up to someone or something

Snerk: (n) A wet hiccuppy cry made by a fussy baby that signals the onset of true crying, discomfort, rage, or general dissatisfaction, yet is none of those things. A forewarning.

Slug: (v) to swaddle the baby, thus turning her into a larva/slug-type thing.
(n) a swaddled baby, usually expressed with a descriptive modifier for the type of blanket used. ie: a giraffe slug

The giraffe slug
To "get a new booty": phrase used for diaper changes, implying the changing of a dirty butt into a clean butt

Tooter: (n) one who toots, not to be confused with a Tudor, like Henry VIII, or a tutor.

"Squiggle and worm": Spoonerism for wigggle and squirm, quite apt as this modle of baby moves in her sleep in an inchworm type fashion, typically coming to rest at a 90 degree angle from how she was laid down

Strangely this list is mostly s words. I would say that I spend the majority of my time saying b words though. Boob, boobies, booty, butt, bonk, bubbles, baby, bring me that thing from over there that I can't reach because I'm trapped beneath a baby.

That's baby talk in this house.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 months

Where does the time go? My baby is officially an infant!

The Vitals:
13 lb 1oz
24.5 inches (I think. She's a bit squirmy these days)

4th of July brought a couple of fun firsts. Her first sunglasses. Her first bathing suit. Her first dip in the hot tub (which was only heated to 98.)

Holding her head up. She's a bit wobbly when being picked up from lying down, but I'm calling it.
Babbling. I know she's just making random sounds, but trying to make out words is only human, right? She frequently makes noises that sound like "hello" and "Ella".

Works in Progress
Grabbing things. She can do it, but it's 50% luck rather than skill at this point. It is fascinating to see her trying though. She does want to put everything in her mouth, which is no surprise.
She shows no interest in rolling over yet
She does, however, want to sit up. She cannot do it unassisted in any way, but she wants to.

She likes
She loves her playmat and will kick and grab at the dangling toys.
The baby in the mirror
Motion, motion, motion-especially her cradle, the rocking chair, and the stroller
Rattles and soft crinkly things
Other babies

She dislikes
Getting out of the bath
Napping alone
Being hungry (she has hit her 3mo growth spurt like clockwork)

I like
Napping with her (see how that works out)
Making her laugh
Tiny shoes that perfectly match her outfit
The smell of the top of her head
That she has my toes (and for now, still her daddy's blue eyes)

I dislike
Plugged ducts

When nursing is going well, I actually enjoy it. Not just for the health benefits for us both, or the cost effectiveness. I like the closeness and the snuggles. This month has been really good. Just one rough day that reminded me not to take for granted how good things have been.

She had a very brief bout of reflux that has passed. She's back to sleeping for about 6 hrs when we put her down for the night, usually around 10. It's the only thing close to routine that we have. The days are still sort of a mystery. Mornings are usually better than evenings, but nothing I would bet money on. She has spent one night in the nursery. I hated it, but I think she did fine.

All in all, it was a good month. Tomorrow we're going to have fancy pictures taken. Giraffe socks. That's all I'm saying.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Some random points, because that's what I've got right now.

I have had a really productive week. This is good for me to note and remember so when a rough patch hits, I can look back and see proof that I did stuff. Monday was a Red Letter, Gold Star day. I went to the post office, washed diapers, folded laundry, took a shower, vacuumed the bedroom and cooked dinner. While taking care of the Eleanor!

Tuesday I had a play date with my friend Natalie from book club, went back to the post office, to Target & Babies R Us. I was searching for an outfit for her to wear for her 3 month portraits. I have a coupon, so I'm going to have The Picture People take some photos. I have her socks all picked out, and now I need an outfit to match them. Sounds backwards, right? Usually you pick the outfit, then the socks. Well, these are special, ruffly giraffe socks given to Eleanor by her Diva Godmother.

I am in complete denial of how old she is. When people ask, my brain refuses to cough up "3 months." I keep trying to say she'll be a month on Saturday, instead of three months. I want to say it in weeks, because 13 weeks means someone else has to do the math and I can remain blissfully unaware that by all definitions, she's no longer a newborn. She's an infant.

Speaking of which, it's really official. She can't wear her newborn stuff anymore, cloth diapers or not. She's too long. I still put the dresses on her, because, come on! She's a baby. Her diaper is going to show anyway.

Also, people have asked if we'll call her Ellie or some other shortened form. If we do, I'm leaning towards Ella, since that was the original inspiration for her name, but honestly, I just call her Eleanor. That is, when I'm not calling her Squnchler, or Baby Girl, or Rumble Butt, or some other thing that pops into my head. I guess I sort of feel like I don't know her well enough to give her a nickname yet, of the shortened-name variety. Weird but true. We'll have to see what fits her as she grows.

I'm serious, people. If you have the ability to be in DFW on July 21st, you should come to my house. Kammah is making a jelly roll. Peach Melba something fabulous.

I'm learning to embrace spontaneity. Since Eleanor isn't exactly consistent in her scheduling of things, I never really know what's a good time to do anything. I can make some guesses, but they are just that. Some days, your guess is as good as mine. I've always been bad at spontaneous invitations. Well, no. I'm pretty good at responding favorably to spontaneous invitations, but I'm bad at giving them. It just doesn't occur to me that other people might actually be available at a moment's notice to hang out, go eat, do stuff. So, thank you to all my friends who are good at making spontaneous invitations. I'm hoping to join you by mastering that skill soon.

My mornings are sort of like this:

And this has started happening:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

If you bring her, they will come

My friend Elise is a baby whisperer. She has whispered babies in multiple states. I once saw her whisper a cranky, stopped-up baby into peaceful slumber. She has patience and skill, so of course I want her to come visit.

She lives in the Far North, which is very far from Texas, so of course, her visit is very exciting. However, I'm not the only person she knows in Texas. Those other people want to capitalize on her relative nearness and come visit her. Since she's staying with me, that means that I have invited the internet to my house.

It's very last minute and pretty slap-dash, but, Internet, if you want to come hang out with me, The Squnchler, and Elise, you can do that.

July 21st has become "Jeans at Beans!"

Open house from 10 am to 10 pm (and possibly later, depending on how much fun we're having). Snacks and drinks and places for butts will be provided. So, throw on some denim and come visit!

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