Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Collages. That's what I've got.

So... September happened, eh? That was fun. August too.

The short version? J got laid off, found a great new job a month later. We're stuck paying RIDICULOUS amounts of money to keep our current (amazing) insurance through the delivery of this internal baby, but we're using the money his old job gave him to do it, so it's sort of ok. Then we'll switch to the insurance of his new job, which has a deductible 12 times higher. (That's not an exaggeration. I did the math.) Fun times! I'm still pregnant & doing well. The whole family caught a cold and it was pretty ugly for a few days, but we've come out the other side no worse for the wear. Eleanor started a Mother's Day Out program at our church, 2 days a week, 9-2. She LOVES it and is learning so much. I'm planning on doing an 18 month update after her check up next week because seriously, the amazing things she does now, it blows my mind. She's learning a new word a day it seems, and some of them are even easily recognizable to people who aren't us!

I tried to put together some comparison shots of my belly from last time to this time, but most of what I have are quick phone pictures in my bathroom. It's not the best quality, but here's me at 26, 28 & 30 weeks with Eleanor (in blue) and baby brother (in pink).

Then, because I was in the collage making mood, I put together one of my adorable daughter from a photoshoot to enter her into a contest she didn't win. But other than the hat & shoes, everything she's wearing was a gift from Temerity Jane.  

And you know, once you get started making collages, it's hard to stop, so here's the "recap" version of my attempt at 30 days of makeup from July. 

Now that it's October, I've started my quest in earnest to get J & I outfitted as a hippo & alligator. We have no parties planned, so it's really just for photos, but I got E a tiny hippo costume with stripey tights, and a pregnant hippo is just the same as a regular hippo, so that makes my life easier. Plus, you know, we have a thing for Fantasia 'round here. 

That was 7 years ago. Hard to imagine. We've come a long way since then. Here's to the next 7, and the 7 after that, and the 7 after that, and so on and so forth.

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