Thursday, October 17, 2013

So that's how it is

So, today has been full of small surprises.

I had really strange dreams last night (no surprise there), but woke up feeling pretty rested. A nice surprise.

At Eleanor's Mother's Day Out program, they ask that you keep a spare set of clothes in the cubby. Good plan. Especially with toddlers. Since the weather seems to be finally cooling down, I brought her spare clothes home on Tuesday so I could replace the short-sleeved onesie & skirt with long-sleeves and pants. And boy am I glad I did, as it was nicely crisp this morning (60-ish?) and on the way to drop-off, in the back seat, Eleanor managed to pour water from a "leak-proof" sippy cup all over herself. Not the best surprise.

Then I went and got a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks because they are tasty. Actually, I got one yesterday afternoon too, and it was $4.06 well spent. This morning, it was $4.17. I remarked that the 11 cent increase seemed odd, but was gladly handing over the change as I said it. The barista-dude (not a barister, that's a lawyer, right?) looked equally perplexed, pushed some buttons and said, "How about $3.57?" SOLD! A pleasant surprise.

I got home and before I could unplug my phone, I got a call from Bagels, who was in the middle of a migraine & needed a ride home. An unpleasant surprise for her, but I was glad I was available to come rescue her.

When we got home (again) I discovered that I'd forgotten to take Eleanor's LUNCH to MDO. Oops. So I rushed back over to deliver it. As I was walking down the hallway to her room, a little toddler comes around the corner, followed by another. They only made it 2 or 3 steps before their teacher appeared, but for a moment I thought someone had made a grand escape. Surprise! Then came Eleanor. She grinned and came running towards me. I opened my arms and she ran right past me. Zoom. Bye Mom, no time to stop, I'm on a mission. Surprise. I'm not as exciting as a trip to the playground. Little Miss Independent indeed.

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